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In the more than 50 years since the landmark ruling in Loving v.

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Virginiainterracial marriage has steadily increased in the United States. As is often the case with meaningful social change, this general pattern is not the same across the entire U. Pew highlights several ificant differences in the rate of interracial marriage on the basis of age, raceand whether or not one lives in a metro area.

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One demographic category that has been comparatively absent from these empirical examinations is religion, despite the centrality of religious arguments against interracial marriage in the Loving casein its aftermathand even in fairly recent disputes. Using data from the American Muslim Poll, we took a closer look at interracial marriage across faith groups and within the American Muslim community. Figure 1 demonstrates a distinct divide on the basis of religious affiliation among married individuals. On the one hand, the percentage of Jews, white Evangelicals, and Protestants who are not white Evangelicals, respectively, married to partners of a different race is in the mid-single digits.

On the other hand, the percentage of interracial marriage among Muslims, Catholics, and the non-affiliated, respectively, is more than double the other groups, on average. Indeed, nearly 1 in 5 Muslims report being married to someone with a racial background that differs from their own. Figure 2, for example, shows that there is initially a mild uptick in rates of interracial marriage among Muslims ages 30—49 compared with those ages 18—29, which is followed by a noticeable if statistically inificant drop-off among Muslims ages 50 and older.

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This pattern is roughly in line with what we observe in the general public. Yet, when it comes to the racial breakdown of interracial marriage, Muslims take a marked detour from societal trends. Specifically, Black Muslims are less likely to racially intermarry than their Black counterparts in the general public see Figure 3with the latter trending dramatically upward in recent years. Whereas Black Muslims are about one-third as likely as non-Black Muslims to marry someone of a different race, they are twice as likely as their non-Black faith counterparts to marry someone of a different faith.

Figure 4 shows that women are about 9 percentage points more likely than men to marry someone of a different race, although this finding is not statistically ificant.

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In the general public, only among Asian Americans are women more likely than men to marry someone of a different racial background. This gender gap once again inverts the trend we witnessed last year in our analysis of interfaith marriage, when we observed that Muslim women were only about half as likely as men to wed someone outside their faith. Youssef Chouhoud is an assistant professor of political science at Christopher Newport University, where he is affiliated with the Reiff Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution.

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