B2 cafe san jose

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You can take your coffee at what is effectively an island counter more brownie pointsfind a seat or sofa in the communal area, or head outside.

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May Sadly, B2 Coffee closed shortly after my visit, although the good news is that Voyager Craft Coffee has taken over the space, opening in June You can see what I made of it on my return to San Jose in January B2 Coffee has some history to it, B2 being short for Bellano 2, this being the second Bellano Coffee location. The original, which is where it all started inwas just over the city line in neighbouring Santa Clara, on Stevens Creek Boulevard, now home to Voyage Craft Coffee.

Throughout this, B2 has soldiered on since first opening its doors in The market, which faces north, has a large, open-air seating area at the front.

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A row of tables, shaded by large umbrellas, is next to the pavement, followed by more tables in the middle. Three massive roll-up windows puncture the front of the market, with large, glass double doors at either end. Outside is a small, semi-enclosed seating area, shaded by more umbrellas. The communal seating area, with amazing, high ceilings, is flooded by light from the windows along the front, which are ed by two more down the side by B2. On the far side, running the width of the right-hand wall, is a large bar, with the communal seating in the middle.

An opening in the back wall on the right le into an L-shaped food hall, lined with various eateries. This also has a separate entrance on San Pedro Street, just a little further down from B2. Next comes the three-group Synesso espresso machine, then, along the narrow corridor-front, is the pour-over. There are three tall chairs down the right-hand side of the counter, which give great views of the espresso machine on the opposite side. The only other seating is provided by six low plastic stools along the left-hand wall between the front of the market and the start of the counter.

These are best used B2 cafe san jose sitting while waiting for your coffee. When I first visited inI had an Ethiopian single-origin pour-over via the V Served in a large diner-style mug, with a little glass on the side, I used the glass to drink out of, pouring in small amounts from the mug.

My pour-over was excellent: smooth and fruity, it evolved as it cooled, developing even more complexity. I paired this with an equally fruity cherry turnover, which was just as good. On my return two years later, I tried the house-blend as an espresso.

A mix of a honey-processed El Salvador and a natural Brazil, it was really interesting.

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A rich, complex coffee with lots of body, it was funky on the first sip, but calmed down slightly thereafter. I paired this with some Monkey Bread, which was also just as good. Served warm, it was sweet and moist, but not too sickly. You can of my thoughts after the gallery.

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B2 cafe san jose

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