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Of all the sports and muscle cars at Run to the Sun, the first car on my drive list was the Fiat convertible. The new Fiat is burdened with the monumental task of filling its own tiny shoes and reintroducing the Fiat brand to North America.

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Luckily the is just that: small. At six-feet tall with provocatively broad shoulders, I expected to be pretzeled clownishly into the during our leg of the drive together. During my short time with the I was impressed with the handling and cute as a button styling.

In most performance comparison tests it comes in a close second to the new Mustang 5.

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With the nothing but blue sky overhead and open air above the doors, weaving through traffic with hp to play with was definitely more enjoyable. To keep it classy the power is channeled through a magnetically controlled adaptive suspension system tuned at the Nurburing.

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Somewhere in the Farmer Joe country of Marysville, Washington I found myself behind the wheel of the CTS-V on a depressingly boring leg of the route that trudged along 35mph stretches of two-lane ro. When a ninety degree turn presented itself unexpectedly I dropped into second gear entering the turn and pressed the gas to the floor heading into the curve.

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With a 2. Furthermore, it was more fun than any other car on the list, even the V8-powered beasts that made more than twice the horsepower. The reason for this is simple. The Audi A7, Mazda RX-8 and Mustang Boss followed suit driving as hard as the backcountry road would allow, but they were barely beginning to draw on their real potential.

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With the V-Tech wound up to her sweet spot I managed to keep up with the pack but had to drive the Civic flat out to do so. The Civic SI is a car you can experience at its limit without having to take it to the track - hp at redline is always more fun than hp sluffing around town.

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Car speed dating

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