Dating someone passive aggressive

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Rather than telling him I was upset, though, I sulked and gave him the silent treatment. In relationshipsthe behavior can include the silent treatment, stonewalling, stubbornness, giving mixed messages, playing the victim, being highly critical, making snarky comments, being elusive, playing ignorant, or agreeing to a task and then procrastinating or not doing it.

One time I even asked if if he wanted me to feed him his dinner, too. I know it sounds ridiculous, and that I sound like an asshole, but for those of us who exhibit passive aggression, the behavior is deeply ingrained. My childhood home was a breeding ground for passive aggressive behavior.

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My parents were super strict, and my siblings and I could never talk back or the situation would blow completely out of proportion. We also never discussed our feelings.

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Instead, we communicated best when making pointed jokes or being sarcastic and loud. Since we know our most embarrassing true selves, this makes for great fodder. My family loves to joke, for example, that I only talk to them when I need a favor. After every jab I make, it leaves me feeling frayed. Passive aggression may seem like a mild form of combativeness, but it can actually have a severely negative impact on relationships. Thankfully, there are ways to curb the behavior.

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Yiu suggests learning your patterns and triggers, and trying these conflict resolution strategies that can help you manage:. Check your feelings. Lose the sarcasm. Learn your own boundaries. And take care to recognize the difference between feedback and judgement, the latter of which is about the other person and not you. See a therapist. Be firm in your boundaries and invite your partner to have more direct communication. But relationships are a system, and it takes time to align to new and healthier behaviors.

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By Celeste Little. By Harling Ross. By Jasmine Clarke. By Edith Young. By Katie Bishop. Search Clear Search. Yiu suggests learning your patterns and triggers, and trying these conflict resolution strategies that can help you manage: 1. Collage by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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Dating someone passive aggressive

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7 s You're Dealing With a Passive-Aggressive Person