Destiny matchmaking pvp

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PVP continues to be in a precarious position within Destiny 2, and developer Bungie plans to address the high of matches leading to a Mercy finish. Theoretically, the idea for skill-based matchmaking in Destiny 2 is that the game will form two teams of six players, with their average combined power level being pretty much even. Stasis powers have also been toned down for Hunters and Titans this week Warlocks got a little boost surprisingly!

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For now, Iron Banner and Survival will still stick skill based matchmaking but other PVP modes will be looking more closely at your connection before making a decision. One of the hottest trends in the online world today, blockchains and cryptocurrencies were ….

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Destiny matchmaking pvp

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'Destiny 2' players are unhappy about its new Trials of Osiris skill-based matchmaking