Do narcissists get jealous when you move on

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Do narcissists feel bad when you move on? Do narcissists care if you move on?

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How does a narcissist feel when you move on? When a client asks me such questions I usually ask them other questions regarding the narcissist they were dealing with in order to give a more accurate answer.

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In this article I will tell you what a typical narcissist feels when you move on. Some recovery experts advise that you should just move on without minding what your narcissistic ex feels after the breakup. But, is that helpful? Asking questions like the ones I mentioned in the beginning of this article, is a strong that someone has not fully moved on yet even if they may be claiming to have moved on.

Getting a real answer to such questions can help a person move on faster. For example, a woman may feel really bad after the breakup because she is not sure whether she was loved or not. This becomes worse when she assumes that her ex was never affected by the breakup. But as soon as she realises that she was loved, she recovers very quickly. Now when you move the narcissist realises that he is no longer important to you and this cuts the narcissistic supply he was getting from you. As I said in other articles, a narcissistic supply is anything that makes a narcissist feel important.

Some narcissists usually try to bring their ex back when they realise that she is moving on.

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See why do narcissists hoover. Most often, a narcissist will devalue his partner before ending the relationship. Of course devaluation is just a defence mechanism that a narcissist uses when he is emotionally hurt therefore you should not feel bad when a narcissist treats you as a piece of garbage after the breakup.

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See: Why do narcissists seem to move on so quickly?

Do narcissists get jealous when you move on

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