Dope meaning slang

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An example of dope is a nurse giving a patient a shot of sedatives and pain killers before surgery. An example of a dope is a person who will fall for anything. An example of dope is the sealant used for making pipe threading air tight. Dope also has effects than can become more serious after long-term use. But Cambridgeshire CID wanted her to take zero tolerance a step further by giving them the names of the alleged dope peddlers. It is also known as weed, pot, bud, dopeand Mary Jane.

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England soccer fans will now be allowed to smoke dope before a crunch clash with France in Portugal Sunday - to keep them calm! All rights reserved. Filters 0. Words form: doped dopes doping.

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See word origin. The definition of dope is a slang term for something very good. A type of lacquer formerly used to protect, waterproof, and tauten the cloth surfaces of airplane wings. Any thick liquid or pasty substance, or other material, used to lubricate or absorb something. To drug or stupefy. To introduce an adulterant, additive, or impurity into another substance in order to produce a deliberate change.

To take narcotics or a performance-enhancing substance.

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Dope means to supply or serve with drugs. To engage in blood doping. To give dope to; treat with dope. To treat with dope lubricant, etc. Dope is defined as a drug, a stupid person, a thick liquid lubricant or sealer, or personal information. An example of dope is marijuana. An example of dope is gossip.

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A narcotic preparation used to stimulate a racehorse. Excellent; outstanding. A drug used to stimulate or hinder a racehorse's performance. A developer. Idioms and Phrasal Verbs dope out. Origin of dope. Dutch doop sauce from doopen to dip. Dope Sentence Examples. Related articles. Walter H. Also Mentioned In. Words near dope in the Dictionary.

Dope meaning slang

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Definition of dope