Foo king long golf balls for sale

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The best illegal golf balls, which feature some special characteristics in de and structure, will give golfers excellent support, allowing them to quickly improve their games by offering a great amount of added distance with self-correcting tech to enhance ball flights.

While illegal golf balls, also called non-conforming golf balls, are allowed to perform in tournaments, these magic balls are still the preferred options of recreational golfers who would love to enjoy the appealing sense of achievement to hit the ball like a talented golfer. I hope some of them will meet your personal preferences and demands. They would be your wonderful company on your course, yet for professional tournament play.

So what makes these balls special? Do not underestimate this special de. Besides, this unique tech of the dimple de combines well with the 2-piece construction of a central core and ionomer-made outer cover to allow the balls to fly with not only an ultimate straight line but also with explosive distance.

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The video below will give you a detailed look on the usual dimple pattern as well as the super hard and solid core of the Polara Self-Correcting golf balls. Best Budget. Not to mention that they come at a very reasonable price for a dozen. First, these golf balls are regarded as illegal in professional rounds due to their special solid cores, which are engineered from mystical powders, allowing them to travel an illegal distance.

Second, they are two-piece constructed, also engineered with a dimple pattern so that the mystical compression, combined with the low spin generated, will offer you the longest drives ever. Best for Distance. It is thanks to their perfect construction of the amazing DuPont Lithium Surlyn cover and the super reactive core. The video below will bring you to the course and give you an on-course review of the Bandit Maximum Distance — the longest illegal balls ever.

Goes the Furthest. Being said as having one of the hardest cores in the golf ball market, these balls are truly very impressive, thanks to the super reactive proprietary cores. Having these cores as the source of energy, the balls will be able to fly with explosive distance and velocity. Besides, to produce more carry, more roll and more distance to your every shot, these Bandit Non-conforming balls also feature the revolutionary aerodynamic dimple de.

Therefore, thanks to the perfect combination of exclusive, high-energy core and technologically advanced patented dimple de, the balls will deliver you incredible performance as well as good playability around the greens. Best for High Handicappers. Your shots will fly straighter on their line thanks to the self-correcting advanced tech and the unique two-piece construction.

As hooks and slices off the tee are excellently reduced, while sidespin is converted into backspin due to the magic aerodynamic dimple de.

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As being stated, if you slice ft with a regular golf ball, when using the Polara XD, your slices will be less than 25ft. Therefore, your shots will be greatly improved. Enjoy having perfect golf swings with these balls. Best for Seniors. Senior golfers just take up golfing for fun and leisure on weekends, but their swing speeds are too slow, preventing them from enjoying awesome shots with impressive distance. Also, they are available in two color options, especially the impressive bright yellow. Goes the Straightest.

Shop now at Amazon When talking about illegal golf balls which fly the straightest, we can not skip Polara products, and the Polara XDS Golf Balls would be one of the most outstanding one in the list. Firstly, as regular as other Polara illegal golf balls, these balls are integrated with the advanced self-correcting tech, which is acquired thanks to the technological breakthrough in their aerodynamic de. These dimples are engineered asymmetrical and shallower. Besides, due to being constructed of three-piece, the Polara XDS balls are also able to generate higher spin, which gives you greater control over the ball and therefore enhances the accuracy of your shots.

Best Premium. Shop now at Amazon What are your expectations of a premium golf ball? A high-end golf ball made of superior-quality material? First, these balls feature the oversized cores, which are charged with high C. R energy needed to produce the ultimately long distance off the tee. While the core is super-large, the ball seems smaller than usual, however. Plus, those above unique features combined perfectly with the aerodynamic dual radius dimple pattern to give your shots more carry, more roll and more distance, hence adding more fun and enjoyment to your game.

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Lastly, due to the exceeding distance the Bandit SB offers golfer with, these small magic balls are regarded as non-conforming in professional rounds. They surely will give you a satisfying sense of achievement just like a professional. Best Rated. Thanks to the Japanese aerodynamic de, they look very cute with only dimples on each ball cover.

Why is this special dimple pattern but not the traditional rounded dimple? Moreover, the Kaede Fly Distance balls also feature oversized cores, which are engineered on purpose to increase the absorbency and rebound force, which are both necessary to boost the travel distance of the balls. Best Value for the Money. Shop now at Amazon Once talking of Volvik golf gears, we immediately think of beautiful, vibrant colored things.

And the Volvik Magma is no exception. These balls are available in super-bright yellow colors, making them easy to spot around the greens, best for those whose visibility is weak. Besides, these balls are three-piece constructed, including high-energy dual cores and dimple ionomer outer cover, making sense why they are regarded as illegal due to providing golfers with explosive distance, exceeding USGA restricted distance limit.

In addition to that, the Volvik balls are engineered with reduced diameter and adjusted weight, which are helpful to lower down the aerodynamic drag, hence promoting a further and higher ball trajectory. Also, these balls are deed at a compression rating of 90 and described to be custom-made for golfers whose swing speed is between 70 and 90 mph. Plus, they are optimized for low driver spin and great wedge spin. A golf ball is listed as illegal once it offers some unusual features which are needed to add more distance to its carry travel yet better straighten the ball flight.

However, these magic features make them non-conforming in tournaments, only serve to play for fun.

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So, what exactly are the features making them illegal on the professional courses? The USGA briefly stands for the established some certain standards and rules for golf balls, which include a legal USGA distance to keep the game as equal as possible.

So, where does this mysterious extra distance come from? What makes an illegal golf ball different from regular ones is its super heavy and hard oversized core produced with high-tech formula. Because the technologically advanced dimple de of an illegal golf ball will help reduce the sidespin, converting it into backspin, resulting in an excellent self-correcting effect, allowing the ball to fly straighter and minimize potential hooks and slices on the flight.

Besides, the aerodynamics dimple de also does its excellent job of allowing more carry, more roll, and more distance to your shots, immediately improving your game and giving you more sense of achievement, just like a real professional golfer. Meanwhile, the USGA regulated that the pattern must be symmetrical. However, if you just take up golfing as your weekend sports game, not for serious purposes, why not try out something fancier, more distinctive, adding more fun and excitement to your game?

Last but not least, also as always as it is, the construction of a golf ball will strongly affect its performance on the course. More detailed, two-piece constructed golf ball works better for high-handicappers, who can not control the ball well and need more unnatural support from the ball to achieve the ideal carry distance and penetrating trajectory. Meanwhile, a three-piece golf ball or above seems to be an ideal choice for average golfers, who can hit the ball at mid-swing speed but would love to receive a little more support and greater spin control of the Foo king long golf balls for sale.

Thanks to that, they can hit the shots like a professional golfer does and reach great distances, though with different levels of swing speed and skills. Some inconsistent and unclear information related to illegal golf balls might trouble you to figure them out. However, the most important thing to remember is that they are listed as illegal golf balls by the USGA, which means they are not allowed in professional tournaments, only suitable to play around the greens for fun and leisure.

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You should consider choosing an illegal golf ball to play on the course once you just take up golfing as your leisurely sports game on weekends, not for serious purposes to perform in tournaments. However, if you want to hit serious shots to gradually improve your golfing skills, I must say that playing these golf balls means you sacrifice the playability of your game and might rely on them to reach the ideal distance but not thanks to your own skill and swing speed.

Also, I recommend these illegal golf balls for fresh kids who need more encouragement on their very first shots to gradually get used to this complex and difficult sport. I highly recommend you the products from Bandit with two options from my list above in terms of distance. Why Bandit golf balls? Because each of them is a perfect combination of super reactive core and revolutionary aerodynamic dimple de, allowing it to travel with incredible distance, further exceeding the USGA restricted distance limit.

Polara golf balls are regarded as illegal due to their asymmetrical dimple pattern. This irregular de offers golfers an unfair advantage over the course by fixing hooks and slices and better straightening the ball trajectory. Hence, your shots will get straighter with minimized errors on their flight. The answer is yes, and no; not all Nitro golf balls are listed as non-conforming in tournaments.

They are all certified by the USGA and totally legal in professional tournaments. These balls feature the power dual oversized core, which is responsible for generating strong spin and promoting high trajectory with explosive distance. Having the best non-conforming golf balls to assist you on the round, you will get more confidence in each of your shots, ready to hit with your own swing speed but receiving the extraordinary result of a professional golfer.

Foo king long golf balls for sale

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Foo King Long Illegal Distance Golf Balls