Left foot gas pedal installation

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Deed for drivers who are unable to operate the accelerator pedal with their right foot, this adaptation allows a driver to operate an accelerator pedal on the left of the brake pedal with their left foot. Allows a vehicle to be converted easily to drive with either the left or right foot. Our precision de process means that every Left Foot Accelerator de adopts the same properties as the OEM right side pedal ensuring the same distance from the brake and the same height as the right pedal. This in the driving experience replicating the standard driving experience. The Twin Folding Left Foot Accelerator is operated by simply pulling the required pedal down and the opposite pedal will fold up out of the way.

This allows the vehicle to be driven using either the right or left foot depending on the drivers preference.

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Please note if you're vehicle has a foot operated parking brake, we may need to convert this to hand operation. If this is necessary we will need to install our Hand Operated Parking Brake.

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Our priority with any driving adaptation solution is to ensure the safety of the vehicle occupants and other road users. If you have ly driven with manual transmission we would not recommend a left foot accelerator as the finesse required for accelerating is very different from the operation of a clutch. You have made this worrying change for me totally stress free. I am very grateful to you, thanks.

Excellent service, the engineer was very professional and confirmed all was well and I was happy with the installation. I had to delay the fitting of my left foot accelerator.

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Jeff Goslings were very helpful and re-arranged the fitting, no problem. Many thanks for a great service. Usual high standard I have come to expect over a 22 year period of having adaptations supplied by Jeff Gosling Hand Controls Ltd. A great company.

A friend recommended your firm and I feel the confidence he expressed has been justified. Changed my lifestyle considerably.

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I now am not reliant on other people to get me out and about. Thank you. I was very impressed with the engineer. He was friendly, knowledgeable and considerate. The quality of the installation matched the quality of the fitter. I am very happy. My many thanks once again. Thanks - due to your company I have a life again - was in hospital - no more driving my manual car - now automatic and adaptations. Your professional speciality of these aids makes it easy for me to drive the car comfortably and being mobile. Thank you for fitting these adaptations in the car. Thank you for the excellent and speedy service supplying the steering wheel knob.

I would not hesitate in using your company for any modifications I may require in the future. Just wanted to thank you for your kindness and help when we met last week — we were so pleased to have found you!

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My daughter has had to do quite a bit of driving already and is managing reasonably well so again, thank you so much for giving her the ability to do this. Motability What Do the Adaptations Cost? What Do the Adaptations Cost? Left Foot Accelerators Drive with the same operation on either left or right side. Twin Folding Electric. Ask Us a Question. Request a Callback. Operation Acceleration can be achieved using either the left or right pedal.

Simply pull the required pedal down and the opposite pedal will fold up out of the way. View Product. for Left Foot Accelerator prices. Call us on to book a demonstration.

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Call us on to discuss test drive options. What Our Customers Say We pride ourselves on our service. Jeff Gosling adaptations are excellent quality. Excellent product — excellent service from Jeff Gosling Hand Controls.

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Absolutely delighted with the conversion — brilliant service. Keep on doing good work — you keep us moving.

Left foot gas pedal installation

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Able Motion Mobility Portable Left Foot Accelerator Pedal