Looking to make out with younger girl

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This post comes to us via Carly Jacobs of Smaggle fame. Follow along with her awesomery on Facebook or Instagram! At the ripe old age of twenty-six, my delicious man is four years younger than me, making him a slightly cringe-worthy twenty-two. While this age gap is not shocking, it sounded a lot worse four Looking to make out with younger girl ago when I was twenty-two and he was… um… eighteen… anyways….

I must preface this manifesto with a disclaimer that not all behaviors outlined below have been displayed by my man. Only some…. You made your choice. Embrace it. End of story. It is fabulous being the arm candy of a younger man. Make the most of it. I promise. If you date a younger man you must understand what you have ed on for.

Be honest and cut him some slack. You need to be realistic. Have you ever dated someone ificantly younger than you? I dated a year-old when I was 27! Let me help you find it! FREE — Download now! My friends Dave and Libby on their wedding day. Aren't they painfully good-looking?! Tell us a bit about yourself! When we get move in with a partner, sharing a bed and a bedroom seems like a forgone conclusion. Even if our partner is messy, snores, or goes to bed at a different time, we soldier on.

Jamie and her husband tried something different. How would you feel if your spouse told you they wanted to date other people Would you ever want a boyfriend and a husband? Today, Cristin is sharing the story of her open marriage and the benefits she and her husband have found My long term beau and love of my life is 7 years younger than me. He's a few months younger than my baby brother!

It's not an issue. Sometimes he has no idea what I'm rattling on about when I'm talking about things that happened in the 70s he was born inbut other than that it's fine. She probably knows I like her? Is this normal? I think that is great. I am a 47 year old woman and in love with a 27 year old guy. Advice anyone? I am 37 and this guy that I been knowing for a while is 24 and he told my son which is 18 that he love me what should I do. Well be honest with yourself and if you feel the same then pursue to know him more and see where things go. Im 30 years old and my 19 year old mate was inlove with me for foir months and we dating long distance and its our love thats keeping us hoojng for the future.

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Its nice to know im not the only one whose dating younger men. Instantly clicked and had everything in common, we are basically the same! We are Happily Married, tied the knot 3 years after dating. I am 44, he is 21, it is a sexual relationship but as a woman who is passionate and feels deep this kid is making me lose my mind, and have become a mumbling mess while with him. How is that possible? Dont overthink. We all get hurt. Thats life.

I know a woman over 20 w one super guy nearing 60 anf Trudeaus wife is 30 plus yrs older than he. Movie dtars are 20, 30 and 40 over. Men have always done it so why frown on women. Enjoy it and know God placed him in your patj for a very soecial reasin! Go 4 it!

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I am 51, my bf is I look younger for sure but my bf looks younger too I get scared getting old looking ,. I have the same issue, I am 54 and he is 29, we live and work at the same complex. The jealous issue is he and his ex are friends and she comes over. That was all it took.

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Develop your own life and interests. Self fulfillment. Fill yourself with YOU. Be who YOU need. Confidence is the most attractive thing a woman can have. Fill your life with YOU and let him live his own, and then you find each other from time to time. Take it slow. Im 20 yrs older than a man,who cooks, bakes, repairs, does anything I need for me. Not slept with him. Im learning after all this time and its beginning to work!

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Would I take anyones advise to drop him? Try at least once each month but he wont! God placed him in my life for a reason and Im running…. Enjoy the moment. Thats all we can count on! Merry Christmas! I am 21 in love with a 19 yr old boy, we are so in love with each and promise to stay together till end. I am a 19 year old guy in a long term committed relationship with a 35 year old woman. We both share similar interested and plan on getting married and having. This is the first time I have ever been with a women older than me but she is so beautiful and we both love each other so much.

If you are in love with someone older or even younger as long as they are not underage then go for it and hopefully it works out. O am so glad to hear that relationships with a big age gap can work. I am 36 and madly in love with a 18 year old. It terrifies me that friends and family will reject us because of our relationship. Any advice. I have great genes and age perfectly.

I met a 24 year old who will be 25 soon. I decided today to just go for it. You only live once and you might as well enjoy every minute. We made a date and we video chat and text all the time. The best part is I met him the old fashioned way, in person, in broad daylight so we know what each other looks like and every cute flaw was seen.

Just go for it. Date him, have sex, spend time together, chat, talk, video, laugh and just live. Even if it is just friends with benefits at least you can look back at fun good times. Your situation is much like mine, me a 56 year old woman who is fortunate to look early forties with a very attractive 33 guy. I have never revealed my age to Looking to make out with younger girl he has guessed me to be I have told him several times that I am not interested in marriage or live- in relationships. I have no idea why he is so hung up on me but I have decided to just enjoy it while it lasts.

The sex is fantastic, he has carried me to bed many times and with my heart racing, he has made me feel like a woman again!! I have been a widow for 8 years and thought my sexual years were over but this man has given me new life. I totally believe that all women should experience a man much younger to have the excitement of what sex should be.

Someone I can relate with. How did it turn out? We have a lot in common, similar views and beliefs. Looking forward to meeting him in person one day. He acts an complete fool whenever I am out of his sight…. So I went in2 his work to see 1 of my friends and the guys said are you kidding me I thought that was her son.

I totally agreed. Am dating a 37 year man and am 50 year old woman though I look like am in my Middle Omg I can't even sleep I'm 49 and this 27 boy is crazy about me I'm the one feeling shy in the spot when he worship me he is not shy to kiss me or hug me in front of everyone he always is telling me how beautiful I'm we are from diferents culture but he doesn't care my kid's are older then him he even made jokes about his step son's he is very active like to dance,walk and hold me everywhere I'm really scared after my marriage of 30 year's fail I'm confuse.

I say go for it and date the 27 year old!

Looking to make out with younger girl

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How To Date A Younger Man Without Losing Your Mind