M 30 blue pill fake

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A news alert is circulating today about counterfeit oxycodone pills which are actually heroin.

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This is the first official report of heroin pressed into tablet form, although there have been prior reports in other states. The pictures show the fake pills are also green, which is quite different from the official white oxycodone tablets. Can we simply suggest people avoid "the green pills"? At Sunrise Detox, we have treated over 18, individuals over the past several years.

Our full medical detox centers in Stirling and Toms River see dozens of new admissions every week, plus we handle dozens more inquiries and calls for help we refer to others. Most people calling for help these days have abused prescription pain killers, either as part of an opiate addiction or as a precursor to heroin use.

Maybe the drug dealers know what they are doing by making those fake pills green. As you can see in the attached photos, the official, legal, pharmaceutical 80mg Oxycontin which is oxycodone is green, and roughly-pressed. The close-up shows rough edges and the "80" and "OP" imprints on the tablets.

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We tracked and treated the prescription pain killer addiction wave as it spread through south Florida between andfueled by Oxycontin, the "Hillbilly Heroin". When it was widely-available and poorly-controlled, Oxycontin was the drug of choice for abusers, and hooked many people into addiction. As you consume more oxycodone, you need more oxycodone to prevent the onset of withdrawal sickness. And that means more pills, or higher dose pills. The highest dose for a long time was the 80mg "Oxys", which were green see photo.

The drug using community came to know the "green ones" to be the strongest, and thus most desired and least expensive on a dosage basis milligrams of drug per dollar.

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Drug dealers are clever and innovate to meet demand. They will do what it takes to make money, which includes switching people away from hard-to-obtain official pharmaceuticals to cheaper, easily manipulated heroin. In this instance, we see drug dealers purposefully mislabeling heroin as oxycodone, perhaps to trick pain killer abusers into trying and becoming addicted to heroin.

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Break free of dependency on opiates, pain killers, and heroin with a medically-managed, professional drug detox that prepares you with a treatment plan for living free from the influence of drugs and alcohol. Our phones are answered every day, 24 hours per day. We admit any time, including right now.

We want to help. Call us right now while you have the idea, and we'll work through the insurance, transportation, everything But there's more to it than simply the pill color or imprint. Image of fake oxycodone containing heroin, next to real 30mg oxycodone, derived from blog post about heroin tablets posted by Fair Lawn Counseling Center No, that would not be wise. Because drug abusers know more than we do about "green pills". Green Pills, Oxycontin, heroin, and oxycodone At Sunrise Detox, we have treated over 18, individuals over the past several years.

Don't Trust Drug Dealers Maybe the drug dealers know what they are doing by making those fake pills green.

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M 30 blue pill fake

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Health officials warn of rise in deaths from counterfeit pills