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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Feb 13, I am new to this forum. I had a Maltese that passed away not too long ago. As I'm sure you all know, my heart is completely broken. He's a great vet. I ed a few breeders in Southern CA to see if I could find a new little girl. Only one replied. I'm sure most are at that Westminster show or are getting ready for the show on the 21st.

I ly read a post here about someone who got a puppy from a lady in Santa Paula, CA. Ironically, she put an add in our local paper that she had new puppies. I visited them and absolutely fell in love with them all. Here's my question: Should I buy a puppy from her? She's been in business for 12 yrs. She gets her puppies from a breeder in Missouri. She said they all are AKC. She also rescues various breeds. She has two Malti rescues that she brought up when they were runts of the litter. They are 6 months old and barely 2 lbs.

They are so adorable and she will only sell them together. I worry about them being so small, but they are beautiful. The three other girls all seem very healthy and were scampering around her house. She also has 6 Maltese of her own. If any of you could give me help, it would be great. I got our original pup from a pet shop. I know, I know I knew nothing about puppy mills, breeders or even dogs at that time.

Now, I feel much more educated and thank goodness we got lucky with our dog because he was healthy and happy most all of his life. Boy I miss him! ed Jan 28, Hello, and welcome to SM! Maltese breeder san diego so sorry about your loss. The lady you're inquiring about sort of sounds like a broker. I'd stay away and look elsewhere. Missouri is heavily populated with puppy mills, so that's definitely something to be wary of. What is your price range, if you don't mind me asking?

If you're not having any luck with finding a breeder in California, you can always look into having a baby shipped to you. Maltese breeder san diego Maltese is in Utah not too far from Caliand it looks as though she has a baby girl available. Anyway, good luck with finding that special baby.

Please ask questions if you're unsure of a particular breeder!! ed Jan 31, She doesn't breed she gets them from MO -a stronghole for puppy mills.

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So your answer is an emphatic "No! Also visit www. BTW, did you post on Maltese Only?

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There was a lady, and daughter over there quite distraught over the loss of their Zeus. Was that you? Again - :Welcome 2: you'll love it here! ed Oct 19, In a word, "no". Do not buy a puppy from a broker for the Missouri puppymills. She is not a legitimate "rescue" if she is selling puppies from the mills. ed Aug 8, Stacy from Bellarata Maltese has at least one puppy available. Her dogs are georgeous. She is the Central Valley area. You must be close to me if you are looking in Santa Paula. I live in Moorpark. I got my little Frankie from Stacy, and he is perfection.

I work with a girl that got a puppy Maltese breeder san diego the Santa Paula lady, and she is a broker. Her maltese weighs 11 lbs. I got him at 5 months. ed May 1, I agree with others that you should not purchase from a broker, puppymill or backyard breeder. Sarah Stangeland has 2 little girls right now - 1 she is evaluating for show and may have another litter soon. She will also be able to tell you other breeders in the area that have puppies My Stuart Little is from Sarah, he is a wonderful dog and Sarah is an extremely careful and conscientious breeder.

Her dogs live and sleep with her Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions, I can't say enough good things about Sarah. Thank-you all so much!!! I have been on-line and making calls! My vet suggested I think of a new forum name so I won't be so sad. It's hard to see all your babies 'cuz I miss him so much, but it's all part of the healing. In specific, here's what I'm looking for: A smaller female. I own a boutique in town so my baby will be going everywhere with me, including buying trips via my purse. Zeus and I loved buying trips. Is it silly to want to see the mom and dad so I know she will be small?

I like the petite eyes and shorter muzzle. I want a playful one. I had a whole set of tricks my Zeusy and I did together. Thanks again. Boy, you are all wonderful! ed Oct 9, Welcome to SM!!!

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Thank goodness you didn't buy from that broker. There are so many good breeders out there. There is no need to go to a broker who gets puppies from Missouri I'm so very sorry for your loss of your precious Zeus. We'd love to hear more about him and see pictures.

ed Oct 6, My demi is a rescue from www. Hi and welcome to SM! I'm so sorry for your lost. It is great to have another malt there to help you while you heal. I would know But I don't know of any breeders on the west side that have the features in a maltese that you are looking for. They are all on the east side and are very reputable breeders. Many members on the forum have gotten pups from breeders out of the state and without any problems as long as they are good breeders.

Let me know if you want the names of those breeders on the east side because they sound more like what you are looking for. ed Feb 23, ed Feb 11, I'd def. It's sad. I wouldn't hesitate to get a pup from Richelieu or Bellarata Maltese good luck on your search!

Of course! Demi looks like she's from one of those top breeders, not a Maltese breeder san diego Just goes to show you, that these rescue malts are just as beautiful as the malts that are from these show breeders!

Maltese breeder san diego

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