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You might know Maltese for their long, silky coats or tiny 7-pound stature. Maltese are highly intelligent and, with training, are capable of excelling in agility courses or advanced tricks. While often stubborn, they respond well to rewards-based training. Maltese are in the toy breed category and weigh under 7 pounds, with pounds often being ideal. Their most traditional look is one with a flowing, pure-white coat, however, more pet owners have started cutting it short for easier ongoing upkeep.

The longer cut may even fall down the sides of their body, reaching the floor. Pet owners who prefer this look will often tie the hair around their face in a top knot—bow included.

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Formal breed standards suggest that the coat should be sleek in texture: any curliness or kinks are objectionable. Plus, long or short, they shed relatively little. Both the eyes and nose of a Maltese are dark, even black in color. Their head is a rounder shape than many other breeds with a medium-length muzzle.

Maltese have low-set ears, feathered with hair. Maltese are a popular dog breed in the US for good reason. Though their demeanor is relatively mild, pet owners can rely on their innate watch-dog mentality. Similarly, Maltese are one of the most loyal toy breeds—attaching themselves to their owner both on the couch and the street. Because they love lots of affection, Maltese can suffer from separation anxiety. Maltese are unafraid. For pet owners looking for a social pup—a Maltese is a great option.

Like any breed, Maltese benefit from plenty of socialization early on in their life. Maltese are great dogs in both apartments and houses. This instinct to protect the house comes from their undeniable loyalty to their owner, which is one of the things that makes them so loveable as a breed.

With proper gear and care, Maltese can adapt to any climate and geography—urban or rural. They might need a sweater in colder climates or need to stay inside more in the winter, however. Pet owners who work from home or are retired would make for a great match to this breed. For anyone hoping to welcome a Maltese into their home, their long life expectancy of years should be considered. Outgoing by nature, Maltese are quick to the party. Early socialization will ensure a smoother transition into new situations with both pets and people.

However, they also know how Maltese puppies dogs get what they want from their humans and require ongoing training to keep them in check. Maltese often respond best to rewards-based training, which can be in the form of treats or overt positive reinforcement. Crate training can be helpful—establish a positive relationship between Maltese puppies dogs and their crate early on. Then, leave them in their crate for short periods of time, slowly ramping up to longer periods. To help alleviate separation anxiety, experts often recommend use of puzzle toys to keep them engaged.

Maltese are known for their long, glorious coats, but many pet owners instead opt for a shorter cut. A frequent bath with coat conditioning helps it stay soft and shiny. For Maltese with a shorter cut, weekly brushing should be sufficient to stimulate the skin to produce healthy natural oils. Regardless, Maltese have fast-growing nails, requiring you— or a groomer — to clip them often.

Every time you brush their coat, make sure to also brush their teeth, as this breed is more susceptible to dental disease in old age. Like any other breed, Maltese should be fed according to their age and size. A higher-quality food with less byproducts is beneficial and can be achieved at different price points—some more accessible than others. Obesity in dogs will lead to other health problems and ultimately reduce their life expectancy. AKC also suggests testing Maltese for with a cardiac exam, as well as a patella evaluation.

Like all breeds in the toy group, Maltese benefit from a daily teeth regimen. Using dog-safe toothpaste is a plus! Many pet parents opt for pet health insurancejust in case.

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Many believe the breed was brought to the island of Malta, off the coast of Italy, during its colonization by the Phoenicians. The little, white dogs were treasured, mostly by women, for their proportional face and elegant coats. Having a Maltese on your lap became synonymous with wealth, serving as a status symbol above all else. People in China eventually took to the breed, keeping the long lineage alive. Like we mentioned above, Maltese make great pets for a wide-range of pet parents. While we often expect rescues to have mostly mixed-breed dogs, many report that a majority of their rescue dogs come from individual owners who surrender the dog due to a change in lifestyle Maltese puppies dogs the breed not being right for them, according to AKC.

Thankfully, there are many resources out there to help inform this research and decision. Manic about Malteses? Key Low Medium High. Origin: Mediterranean Size:.

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Maltese: What's Good About 'Em, What's Bad About 'Em