Massage kaiserslautern germany

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Guess what?! There is! Bonus: many are close to the KMC area.

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Admittedly, I knew nothing about them before arriving overseas except from my experiences back in the States: Massages, whirlpools, facials, etc. Adopted from Roman tradition, the concept of a spa was originally created for soldiers returning from battle as a form of hydrotherapy.

The spa culture is so important in Germany over registered across the country! You read that correctly. German health care covers spa treatments. Commonly seen as vital to maintaining health, Germany considers the spa a natural and logical remedy for stress and anxiety. Similar to Massage kaiserslautern germany U. Therme, or thermal baths, are what Americans call a day spa and are purely medicinal in nature.

Therme typically offer a variety of saunas, steam baths, and tanning beds with a separate section devoted to cosmetic treatments think manicures, pedicures, and massages. While day spas are popular, most locations also offer hotel accommodations.

Treatments are typically separate from any hotel costs and it is recommended they be booked in advance. Changing rooms may not be separate and are likely less lavish than that of an American spa.

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Swimsuits are worn in most areas and in the pool with the exception of the sauna. Saunas and steam baths tend to be one portion of the overall spa experience. In fact, it is more common for people to go to a spa solely to use the sauna. Saunas are commonly found near a swimming pool and typically look like a wooden cabin. Nudity is normal. Europeans as a whole are much more relaxed when it comes to the human body. In fact, Germany established its first nude beach on the island of Sylt in Some places might let you get away with wearing a towel in the sauna as long as you are nude underneath.

If you think Germans already stare too much and you decide to cover-up at the spa, expect the staring to continue. Enter the sauna quickly so as to not let too much heat escape. Sit or lie on your towel with every body part on it. Germans are very particular about this! Bring a bathrobe and flip-flops for walking around other areas of the spa as well as a few towels for drying yourself off and sitting on.

Hydro-parks have become more popular in recent years and most include additional in-house spa facilities for adults. Similar to that of what can Massage kaiserslautern germany found in the States, most water parks offer indoor and outdoor pools for year-round enjoyment along with massive slides and rides.

So now that you know what to expect, feel like you could use a relaxing day, weekend, or week?

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Massage kaiserslautern germany

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