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Here are some basic tips that will help you survive the differences. Communication Skills Most Greeks are effective communicators. Chances are very good that you know exactly what your Greek friends and family members are thinking as they are thinking it.

This can be frustrating for both of you.

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Your best strategy for dealing with this is to be patient. He will probably feel more comfortable sharing his thoughts and feelings as you get to know each other. Dealing With Family Your family is boisterous and loud.

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His family is quiet and reserved. When you get together with his family, you find the silences to be a little awkward. When he visits with your family, he feels overwhelmed by it.

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What can you do? First of all, it helps to be understanding of the fact that you come from two different cultural backgrounds. Let your family be as loud and outspoken as they want.

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When accepting each other, you have to accept your family differences as well. Many aspect of our cultural traditions are tied to the church. Definitely speak to him this early on. Express how important the church is to you and ask him if he is open to converting.

Dating a non-Greek can be tricky. That way, when conflicts arise related to cultural differences, you will know exactly how to handle them.

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How to Date a Non-Greek