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We've consulted with our team of d nutritionists and dietitians to bring you informed recommendations for food products, health aids and nutritional goods to safely and successfully guide you toward making better diet and nutrition choices.

We strive to only recommend products that adhere to our philosophy of eating better while still enjoying what you eat. Fifty is the new And since 40 is the new 30, and 30 is the new 20, well—if you're over 50, you're basically 21, right?

In all seriousness, we're glad age is just a. Except for one thing: No one told your body. After age 50, unexpected health problems can plague you, and prevent you from having the life you deserve. Unafraid to stare into the abyss, We asked the world's top doctors about the most common ailments, and how you can get ahead of them. Monique May, a physician. In English, that means that the cushions between the bones in the spine get less spongy, lose their shape and become flattened. That causes the spine to shrink and people lose inches in height. Recommendation: "The difference can be several inches from when you were younger," she says, "so it important that you get your height measured along with your weight when you get your annual physical at your doctor's office.

Erica Steele of Holistic Family Practice. Recommendation: Kegel exercises will "help improve bladder control and possibly improve sexual performance," says Jennifer Lane, a registered nurse in California. Not to mention "also help you avoid embarrassing accidents.

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Here's a handy guide for how to do a kegel. Recommendation: You're sexy if you feel sexy. Think seriously about what's holding you back and develop a plan to get over it. Also ask your doctor about sexual dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Cialis or, for premenopausal women, Addyi—whatever stigma there once was is gone. Thomas Jeneby, a board-certified plastic surgeon in San Antonio, Texas. Your eyelid might be abnormally high, or low, or droop, or turn inward or outward. Recommendation: "Not much prevention here, but definitely treatable," says Dr.

If you're self-conscious about how it looks, a filler "can be used to camouflage problems," depending on how comfortable you are with plastic surgery. Who wouldn't be, given all you've lived through, and the potential pitfalls to come? Stress is inevitable. What's essential is that you don't let it consume you. Recommendation: If you find yourself dreading your days, a rain cloud over your head—or are considering drastic changes without much prep—share the burden: Talk about your choices with a caring family member or therapist.

No one is alone. I like to describe the weight bearing ts such as hips, knees, ankles and even the lower back as the 'shocks and struts' of the body, because over time, wear and tear—known as degeneration—of those ts can cause pain. Exercise requiring repetitive use of those ts, or even obesity, can cause the cartilage cushioning the ts to break down even faster. Recommendation: Don't think aches and pains are just a "part of getting older.

For more extreme cases: "Thankfully, innovative regenerative medicine procedures are now widely available," Old woman looking couple seeking women Dr. Here's what happens when you have SDO: "Estrogen keeps the muscles of the airway tight and as the levels drop off the muscles become looser and the tongue can fall back into the throat blocking oxygen flow. The brain then has an immediate microarousal and als the body to correct the oxygen situation. These microarousals may not be long enough to wake the person up, but just long enough to go from deep restorative sleep to light unrefreshed sleep.

You then grind your teeth because it's your "body's compensation to open the airway and increase blood flow…that delivers oxygen to the brain. Recommendation: "If a person turns 50 and begins to notice these symptoms it's time to get the sleep and airway checked out by an airway-focused dentist who can address tongue posturing and tongue space for a multitude of health benefits," says Dr.

We're not saying you have bad taste. But it's true that your taste sensations dull over time, as your buds shrink.

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Recommendation: "Reduce salt intake since you won't detect it as readily as you have in the past," advises Dr. Recommendation: "Get a great dermatologist to look at your skin closely and get a good history of your family's skin conditions Old woman looking couple seeking women rheumatologic history. Early diagnosis is key! A person can train the metabolism to either slow down or speed up especially with nutrient deficiencies. Recommendation: Up your intake of core proteins that will build more energy-burning muscle, consume the healthiest fats that help increase satiety and speed nutrients throughout your body, and reach for plenty of good-for-you carbs—yes, carbs—that provide essential fiber.

Check out these 50 ways to boost your metabolism. Recommendation: " It's important to stay on top of it as we age. What people don't realize is how many of these symptoms are due to hormonal decline, which in turn le to other issues and a decline in health and quality of life," says Dr. Unfortunately, a lack of energy can set off any of negative chain reactions as well—poor performance in the gym and in the bedroom, lack of effectiveness at work or school, depression and just an inability to do the things you love doing.

It can make it hard to continue to pursue the activities you've enjoyed your whole life and maintain progress and motivation at work and at play. Recommendation: There's hope: "Balancing changes in hormone levels could return this lost energy," says Dr. See your physician. Sandy shoes might not be the only thing you brought home from that trip to Myrtle Beach 20 years ago. Recommendation: "Aggressive skin checks by you and a dermatologist can spot early stage cancers, get treatment and begin prevention with certain drugs and sunscreen," he says. As a result of a sluggish liver, the body has difficulty metabolizing nutrients as well as filtering out toxins into the blood.

Recommendation: Feed your liver detoxifying foods such as organic fruits and vegetables; lean proteins like turkey; healthy fats like avocados; and high-fiber foods like whole grain bre. And avoid so much alcohol and sugar—if it makes you feel sluggish, imagine your poor liver.

Feeling one step behind at work? Recommendation: Break the cycle. Read these ways your sleeping wrong. Hearing loss can first seem inificant, but in actuality, it can have negative impacts early on. When communication is affected, people often begin to withdraw from social interactions.

As hearing loss progresses, this withdrawal can become more pronounced. This is ultimately a reduction in activity for the brain at a time when cognitive decline is beginning. Recommendation: Hearing aids these days are barely noticeable; talk to an audiologist about whether or not you need one.

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Shawn Vedamani, MD. And because hormones play such an important role in the development of anxiety, many people with anxiety feel that their symptoms continue to increase as they age. Recommendation: Talk to your doctor and a psychologist or psychiatrist about the proper course of action. Shawn Vedamani. Jennifer Aniston is 50 years old.

No wonder she's doing for dry eye. Ming Wang, an ophthalmologist. Both of these factors contribute to nearly everyone over age 50 suffering from some form of dry eye. Dry eye produces symptoms including grittiness, watering, red eye, intermittent blurred vision, and discomfort.

Recommendation: "Treatment includes over the counter tears.

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If these are not sufficient, a doctor can prescribe medications or treat with in office therapies," says Dr. By age 60, nearly everyone will have some degree of cataracts that can be seen by an eye doctor. Symptoms of cataracts include blurred vision, glare and halos around lights, trouble seeing in dim light, and difficulty driving at night. Recommendation: "Treatment involves surgery done by an ophthalmologist," says Dr. Cataract growth is believed to be slowed by wearing UV protection, such as sunglasses, and eating a well-balanced diet with antioxidant sources, such as colorful fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Recommendation: "People will know they are experiencing the onset of presbyopia when they start to have difficulty reading small print and start to have to hold things further away. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to prevent this condition so some form of aide for near vision reading will be needed. The vitreous, which is clear early in life, starts to become more solid and form clumps, which float through the vision.

Symptoms include spots in the vision which can appear as dots, lines, webs, rings, or shapes. Recommendation: "With any sudden change in floaters, patients should see an eye doctor to ensure that their retina is healthy," says Dr.

The vast majority of floaters are benign and no intervention is needed. For patients with very symptomatic floaters, many ophthalmologists offer laser or surgical treatments which can reduce the appearance of floaters. When we sleep, the muscles throughout our bodies relax, including the muscles in our airway. With this relaxation comes a narrower airway. Often times the airway is so narrow that the movement of air le to vibration of the surrounding airway, thereby producing a snore. That snore isn't just annoying; it could be dangerous.

This problem of a recurrent blocked airway is known as obstructive sleep apnea. Recommendation: If you snore, see a doctor. They can lead to "very poor quality of sleep and fatigue the next day, but even more seriously, sleep apnea…can lead to chronic hypertension, in addition to increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Recommendation: Stay active. It's important for your heart health.

But if your body tells you to rest more before, after and during exercise, listen up. Other conditions that can predispose to nosebleeds such as hypertension high blood pressure become more common and as we age we are more likely to use blood thinners. This confluence of factors makes nosebleeds much more common. Recommendation: "For patients that experience nosebleeds I usually recommend a humidifier in the bedroom and the use of products deed to keep Old woman looking couple seeking women nasal cavity moist," he says.

When a nosebleed occurs it is important to remember to use good first aid techniques. Patients should pinch the cartilage at the front of the nose the soft part of the nose and lean forwards. If the bleeding doesn't stop, or if it's severe, then it is important to seek medical attention. The main mechanism causing the problem relates to an imbalance between the part of the nervous system that control nasal secretions.

These are the sympathetic 'fight or flight' nervous system and the parasympathetic 'rest and digest' nervous system. Recommendation: "Ipratropium nasal sprays are commonly used to treat this condition," he says. There are also surgical treatments that target the vidian nerve and its branches within the nose. This nerve brings parasympathetic nerve fibres into the Old woman looking couple seeking women and targeting it nerve can decrease the ability of the nose to create the secretions and congested feeling that bother patients.

This is most common in arms and legs, and can become worse after repetitive motion activities. Recommendation: "Regular stretching and avoiding overuse can help prevent future problems," he says. Fauci Answers Your Burning Questions. Recommendation: "This chronic condition can be treated with chiropractic care, massage therapy, and therapeutic ultrasound treatments, and early detection usually in a better outcome.

Old woman looking couple seeking women

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