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Kate and William had three engagements in the community located about an hour north of London. The first was at Youthscapea drop-in center for young people. More from the Youthscape website. At the heart is our work in local high schools, supporting curriculum areas as well as working with teenagers individually. Youthscape is divided into Projects, each with their own staff team.

In addition, a small central team provides financial, HR and administrative support across the whole organisation. Youthscape recently moved into Bute Mills, a historic industrial building in the heart of the city. It was deed for the organisation as a national hub for its work. More from Us Weekly :. Bennett dress, asked about their chocolate rice crispy creation.

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Is this just chocolate? Golden syrup? Good, good. Many thanks to those ing and also sharing via their comments that Golden Syrup is different from corn syrup, it is a treacle uncrystallized syrupa form of sugar syrup. The Prince also played a little snooker. The couple watched a session with an online support group run by Self Harm UKan offshoot of Youthscape. Touring the building, a key project they saw was an innovative one to support those young people who self-harm. An interesting sidebar, the woman you see above right happens to be Ruth Cordensister of entertainer James Corden.

In addition to its work with young people, Youthscape is also a nationally recognized training center. Below, the Duke and Duchess in front of the Innovation Wall, where new ideas are posted for consideration. Today was the official opening of the Youthscape facility, William and Kate unveiled a graphic on one of the walls to commemorate their visit and the opening.

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The duo also met representatives of CHUMSan organization providing bereavement, trauma and emotional wellbeing services to children and young people in the area. Kate accepting a lovely bouquet of flowers as she leaves Bute Mills with William. The Duke and Duchess then visited Keech Hospiceoffering services for children and adults confronting life-limiting and terminal illness. Kate and William met patients, caregivers, staff, and volunteers. More from The News and Star :. During a visit to Keech Hospice Care in Luton, William sympathetically rested his hand on the shoulder of Ben Hines, 14, who lost his own mother Alexandra in June at the age of The teenager, who was the youngest of the three brothers that met the royal couple and who suffers from autism, explained to the Duke how he was struggling with the loss.

The pair as they were leaving the Hospice. Below you see the couple meeting apprentices training with the company, along with graduates of the training program. The company officially opened an upgraded manufacturing facility today.

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The original color was Snorkel Blue. If I recall correctly the Lara was originally offered only at John Lewis. As noted in the top of the post, Kate was in LK Bennett top to toe. Kate wore her sapphire and diamond earrings. This is a good look for the Duchess, although I am biased — this is one of my favorite LK Bennett dresses. Does Kate usually wear stockings when she is out in public or does she go bare legs? Just curious. As a rule she wears stockings a.

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This is also one of my favorite LK Bennett dresses. I wish the company would bring back the original. The elephants are utterly adorable. I love that those elephants can be chilled or thrown in the microwave so that when her children are being fussy, she can heat them up and give them a warm, soft animal that smells like lavender to cuddle with. So many adults struggle too; this would have been lovely to have when I lost my grams. The warmth and comfort of something soft and fuzzy is soothing for anyone.

Lovely dress and perfect for the engagements she attended. I liked the blue clutch from the last wearing better but I liked the nude shoes from this outing better than the blue shoes originally worn. Also, I would probably have pinned it back to keep it out of my face when bending over had I been her.

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All in all, a beautiful look and a very important cause. She is beautiful as always. To me she looks lighter and more polished with shorter shoulder length hair. A summery dress for a sunny day and ideal for three relatively low-key visits. Perhaps the silk just got more crumpled this time.

I prefer the accessories from last time, the pink-toned-nude of this shoes-and-clutch combo seem a bit out of sync. And I find the sapphire earrings kind of heavy against a lightweight summer frock, their only qualifying feature being the blue of the stones. Minor quibbles.

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Overall the outfit is just fine for the relatively low-key engagements. Thanks for another lovely full post. Agree about the shoes and clutch. The blue accessories were more exciting than a pair of the boring nude coloured heels. I love this dress and I was glad to see it again. I agree with a lot of the comments regarding blue shoes and clutch looking better than the nude accessories. The Fern pumps come across looking pink in many of the photos.

If she wanted to change up or lighten the look perhaps she could have worn a strappy blue heel. She has such great pieces in her wardrobe and all the money in the world, why not combine them in a bit more modern and fun way? Why not, for example, wear a fun strappy sandal on a nice day in the middle of August?

I am also following the style of queen Laetizia who has the same frame that I have and have to say that she always makes her looks so much more fun to watch. A variety of shoe styles includng sandals, colorful bags, prints and on top of it all she regularly wears trousers, culottes and the like. Not to talk about the playing with her hairstyle. Everything she wears is so much more effortless and less of a uniform than Kates looks. Welcome on board, Jules, always good to see a newbie arrive!

Am I allowed to question a little what you say? They also have very different characters. She has been in the royal limelight much longer than Kate and has had her own share of fashion howlers on the way. Kate is also much more outdoorsy and sporty — we never see Letizia lighting fires in the woods with youngsters or sailing in a yacht race around the harbour. Kate is also part of a more conservative royal family where discretion is key. And I think much of what is seen as boring in her choices is down to unrealistic expectations that she should be Vogue-cover-worthy every time.

I find some outfits only look fresh to me a long time after they were first worn. I like her Polish women nude luton be her own lovely self. I want Kate to be Polish women nude luton and not conform with any ideas other than her own. I believe she could pull of a burlap sack and still look stunning. While of course there are large cultural differences between Spanish and British societies, there is an overlap in the comparison because both women are royal. Her wardrobe choices are likely influenced by those factors.

For me, it feels like the Duchess is in a princess costume parade, rather than being fully herself. But she must have been boiling! It has been SO hot here today. Her ability to look cool and calm is quite amazing! Lovely dress!! I did like her hair the first time away from her face. I wish she would pin it back more. Stunning couple and they work well together and are so relaxed in each others company.

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Golden Syrup is sugarcane syrup, it is used like corn syrup or maple syrup in recipes. It is very good, it has a distinctive sweet taste. Golden Syrup is a by product of the sugar making process. Very yummy with a unique taste. Used in alot if biscuit recipies here in Australia. Similar to treacle or honey. Not related to the clothes, but Golden Syrup is actually different from corn syrup.

Polish women nude luton

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