Pros and cons list online

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First, look at how the stakeholders, those who will be impacted by this decisions, will be impacted. Second, look at the risks associated with this decision. How ificant are these risks? For example, "Should we move the company from a monthly goals cycle to a quarterly goals cycle? Having a clear objective framed as a question will allow your team to share their best input.

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List out as many items as your team can brainstorm for each section. Then rate the top items by clicking on the star to float them to the top. For any goal, objective, decision where you need to answer a strategic question and choose between two options.

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Should you add a new feature? Should you rede the product? Should you expand into a new market? Excellent choice when balancing various inputs for new and existing processes. Also great for referencing after the fact. Get your key customers involved in strategic decisions that will impact all customers. Should we raise prices? Should we move to a fiscal cycle vs calendar year cycle? Get everyone's input and make strong and sticky decisions.

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Send us your SWOTanalysis. This is a system message. Try Now. How to Guide. Featured Examples. Create a Gap Analysis to understand your current vs future state. Create a Stop, Start, Continue to analyze what's working, what's not working. Create a Scrum Board leveraging an agile process framework. Create an OKR Goal to set ambitious objectives and outcome based key. Create a Pros and Cons Analysis to strategically vet any decision. Create a Problem Solving Analysis to solve problems by focusing on the cause and effects. Perform an Alignment Planning Process to solidify your purpose, mission, goals, and core values.

Create a Candidate Analysis to make better hiring decisions. Create a To Do List Online leveraging three custom views. Any Specified Objective.

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Product Strategy. Process Strategy. Customer Analysis. Partner Analysis. Finance Strategy. Get Started for Free. Alignment Strategy Platform.

Pros and cons list online

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The Pros and Cons of Pros-and-Cons Lists