Punishments for a submissive

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Alternative Punishments. Last week I had a conversation with a "Dom" who told me that " I would not make a good sub because there would be no way to punish me if I stepped out of line". I have a painful autoimmune disorder that requires medications and chemotherapy. It is not a big deal to me anymore as this has been my norm for many years. Because of it, I have a very high pain tolerance.

I enjoy impact play but I would get seriously hurt if it went to far. This alleged "sir" seems to think that impact play would be the only acceptable form of punishment. Would anyone care to enlighten this poor, unfortunate soul of some more creative forms of punishment? Impact play is rarely used as a serious punishment in my relationship. My dom knows I'm way too into it, and has found plenty of other creative ways to punish me. I think punishments can vary a lot depending on the dynamic, and considering impact play a punishment, Punishments for a submissive less the only one is so limiting it's a bit shocking someone would consider themselves a dom and have that opinion.

Timeouts - Nothing like kneeling facing a wall until your dom decides to end the punishment to make you really rethink whatever you've done. Orgasm denial - I'm way too quick to get into a state where I'm absolutely dying to cum, so this one is an especially effective deterrent for me.

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My dom uses it most commonly when I admit to cumming without permission, it's a perfect case of the punishment fitting the infraction. Wet willies - disgusting. Pain doesn't always need to be the punishment, there are many things that effect the submissive and create change in behaviors. A good submissive is made from more than pleasure and pain tempering. There are also Emotional ways to punish a submissive or even repetitive tasks.

If they love their collar, take it away Restricting activities or likes is another. Denial works too. What about humiliation? Boring or repetitive tasks are good if your dealing with child like acts! Write lines, stand in a corner etc.

Another is you not inflecting the pain but they do it on themselves or to themselves like holding pennies against a wall one for each finger in whatever position you choose. I personally like use noses for this! Leave them till muscles ache and their mind is blank! While you explain why what they did was so wrong. Sensory deprivation is another.

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Another fav of mine is overly giving a sub what they want, overloading them. For EG a whinny sub that is always begging to cum. Non stop orgasms till they beg you to stop! Write the infraction on their body with permanent marker so its seen and read daily. Heck, i've even heard of subs learning Morse code to explain why they are sorry, because he was bad at verbalizing when she needed him too.

Several PC languages later he now does. The idea is they dont like the punishment. It is punishment after all. It is not supposed to be enjoyed. Punishments that fit are often the most remembered. If they like the punishment, its then more "Funsishment" For example its no use giving some a spanking, if they are turned on by spanking. Your own only feeding a negative as they will start to act out to get what they want.

MissBonnie wrote:. Radio silence. He re the texts i send and im an attention seeker so i send a lot Its awful. But its not abandonment.

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Puts me right in my place. Aria wrote:. More importantly, A good Dom needs to figure out why you keep misbehaving, every time you misbehave, you are seeking attention. Any attention, punishment or not is why you continue to misbehave, most subs are happy with this and will get this from an inexperienced Dom.

Purple Reigny. DammitJanet wrote:. Follow us on Twitter. For billing inquiries, please visit ccbillour authorized sales and service agent. LOL I love it. I'm so lending that idea!

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Thank you for sharing. Wonderful creative Dom you have there! Be careful with this one.

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Certain submissives can have issues with banishment and this would cause undue stress on them. Instead, a Dominant could set x of minutes for solitary confinement, explain that they need to walk away to get control of themself but will be back in x minutes, or stay in the room but not allow the submissive to speak to or touch them.

This provides the effect while still giving the submissive the reassurance that they need. The most loved post in topic. Very true Aria. Thanks for pointing this out. I also should of added when in the negotiation stages of your own arrangement people often miss talking about the "emotional" stuff because its less in the foreground and well Aria pointed out very well, that we can all never stop communicating about how things and actions make us feel. Completely agree. Punishement is meant to change behaviour, not perpetuate it.

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