Ruger 10 22 used for sale

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ed Jan 27, On some guns you don't want to buy an older version over the newer one because of??? Also are there issues fit on certain stocks? I am 6ft and want the stock to fit. ed May 17, I don't really know the answer to this. I have 2 that I purchased during the last few years call them new, have plastic trigger groups. They are both accurate and reliable. Maybe more accurate than the older ones I had.

I was able to get a couple old walnut stocks for them. DIY trigger jobs and bolt release mods, I like both. I'll note that I don't like plastic but both trigger groups are less sloppy than the metal ones were. Now I want one of the M1 Carbine versions. Carbine stocks are short. You might be better off with the deluxe that comes with the walnut rifle stock, you could add a recoil pad to it and it's nicer looking wood.

More info what sights? Scope, Red dot, Irons peep? Shooting off hand or bench. If I ran across a finger grove sporter I would jump on it. A couple new rifles to look at.

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ed Feb 9, ed Jul 22, Guess it would depend on what you really want. If you want a gun with good wood then I'd be looking for an older gun in good shape. I bought 5 long guns in the last year.

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I am shooting off hand. Generally a plinker but want reasonable accuracy. Probably red dot, maybe peep or small scope. THis will be a range fun gun mostly 25 or 50 yard shoot. For rest. A plastic trigger housing sounds like not a good idea. If you have a plastic housing then it seems like to improve the trigger you need to buy a bx trigger or something similar tks for the great info. ed Jan 10, My personal preference is for more metal parts.

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I have been looking at picking up one of the newer Walnut Sporter models though. Besides the walnut stock, the upgrades over the standard version seem to be integral sling swivels, brass sight bead, plus there are some 20" barrel options. With those upgrades, I think I'd be willing to overlook the plastic trigger group and protruding mag release and since the Walnut Sporter doesn't have the barrel band, that's a non-issue too.

If I was planning to pick up a standard hardwood carbine for myself, I'd search for a decent condition 's or earlier model before settling for the current version.

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ed Jul 16, I prefer the older walnut stocks. ed Jul 23, Back when they used metal trigger group I think they did a better job fitting wood stocks than the newer ones I have looked at, but of the newer with wood I have only looked at the cheaper model.

ed Jan 9, This one has a beech hardwood stock with Model ed Feb 7, ed Jan 20, Nuff said ed Mar 3, ed Aug 22, ed Feb 25, Now I did put on a much better scope ed Aug 31, Is that good?

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In my opinion, NO. My oldest carbine has a metal butt plate, metal barrel band and metal trigger group. It also has a walnut stock. In my opinion, it is the best basic model Ruger ever made. It has the nicest stock with the worst appointments. Accuracy and function with all three are about the same and I would expect all three to last about the same …. When you get into the details of the trigger group, the older metal unit has a removable "boss" on either side of the hammer whereas the newer plastic trigger group just has a hammer with a boss on both sides that are cast into the part.

The trigger itself is metal in the older unit versus plastic in the newer unit. The good thing about the plastic trigger guard … it will bounce when dropped whereas the metal trigger guard will break. BTW, the BX trigger group is also plastic …. With any Ruger product, you get what you get, no matter when it was made. In other words, I don't think there were any bad years or serial ranges, but there have been individual guns that should not have left the factory in every year of production and every serial range ….

ed Apr 19, It had a walnut stock and a metal trigger group and looks similar to the rifle in the above post. Accuracy and function were very good. I shipped the trigger assembly off to Brimstone for a Tier 2 job. The trigger now sports a crisp 2. Nothing else has been modified on the rifle as no need exists to modify anything else. I don't know if the new models come with better feeling triggers or not Pic: Bayou ed Feb 27, For offhand shooting, I prefer a Sporter style stock over the carbine. I find the smooth buttplate on the Carbine a little slippery sometimes.

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Ruger 10 22 used for sale

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