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Critical violations are those factors leading to food-borne illness and must be corrected immediately. Noncritical violations relate to maintenance of food operations and cleanliness. Critical violations: Bare hand contact with tortillas that were heated on the grill and plated. Employee placed raw meat on the grill then placed tortillas on the grill. Tortillas were removed with the gloved hand that had touched the raw meat. Noncritical violations: Open drink with no lid sitting on the prep table.

No handwashing age at the women's restroom hand sink or the bar hand sink. Huevos rancheros and steaks on the menu with no consumer advisory. Facility lacks refrigerator thermometer in the bar refrigerator, and beer keg refrigerator used to store whip cream and half and half. Observed ice scoop handle sitting in bar ice. Critical violations: Chicken at 67 degrees container sitting on top of peppers and onion in prep table.

Tomatoes and sour cream at 44 degrees in prep table. Butter at 44 degrees Sexy women Springdale prep table refrigerator. Critical violations: Dishwasher did not wash hands between loading the dirty and putting away the clean dishes. Knives in the knife block with food particles on the surface. Noncritical violations: Roof is leaking liquid on to the floor and splashing on food surfaces and possible food. Shelf holding the raw potato bags has s of rust. Noncritical violations: No handwashing age in the restroom.

A crate with packages of chips, a box of sunflower seeds in packages, a box of candy bars and boxes of pop ice were stored on the floor. No covered receptacle in the women's bathroom.

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The men's bathroom is not accessible because the handle is broken on the bathroom door. The vent in the women's bathroom does not appear to be working. Critical violations: Raw bratwurst stored over ready-to-eat pork. Facility has no sanitizer for the three-compartment sink.

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Noncritical violations: Package of bratwurst, hot dogs and hamburgers were open and not date marked. Boxes of packaged chips and containers of popcorn stored on the floor. Ice scoops stored on top of the ice machine. Open boxes of to-go containers stored in boxes on the floor. Women's bathroom lacks covered trash receptacles. Critical violations: A box of raw bacon stored on a shelf above ready-to-eat food. Green peppers temped at 45 degrees, sour cream at 48 degrees and cheese at 47 degrees in the prep Sexy women Springdale and should be maintained at 41 degrees or below.

Critical violations: Several containers with food inside of prep-table and in walk-in cooler are uncovered. Several buckets with salsas in two walk-in coolers do not have a date marked. Two original buckets of dish detergent are used to store salsas, ready-to-eat food. Menu has the consumer warning, but it lacks the asterisk next to the food that is offered raw or under-cooked. Container with cooked rice at degrees, but is at room temperature.

There is no equipment to keep the temperature hot. Containers with sugar, salt do not have a label. One food employee lacks a hair restraint, another food employee lacks beard restraint.

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Surfaces of shelf in food preparation area lacks repair. Metal shelf surfaces in walk-in-coolers, surfaces of shelf in food preparation area shelf for microwavemanual can opener and surfaces of plastic protection of fan in walk-in cooler are not clean, food debris and grease. Surfaces of cooking equipment are not clean. Some areas of ceiling are not clean around ventilation system. Noncritical violations: Two handwashing sinks in food preparation area lack employee handwashing notice posted. Noncritical violations: They use chemical sanitizer, chlorine, test strips is not available.

Noncritical violations: Bottom side of outside garbage receptacle has large holes rusted through. Critical violations: Cooked hot dogs in hot holding at degrees. Hot holding shall occur at degrees or above. The cheese sauce packet lacked a date of opening.

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Cheese sauce held in hot holding shall have the date opened place on the packet and sauce is good for seven days only. Noncritical violations: Marinara sauce time as a control for eight hours. Per regulations time maximum is four hours. Critical violations: Food employee handled hamburger bun with beef patty with their Sexy women Springdale hand. Critical violations: Hand washing sink at the front by the ice machine did not have paper towels available for use.

Cutting knives in the knife block stored at the back of the store have visible s of food residues. Critical violations: Food employees perform different tasks wearing the same gloves and no hand washing occurs in between tasks or change of gloves. Walk-in cooler temperature of rice is 45 degrees, it was prepared yesterday. Food items were cooked today, they are at room temperature and they use it when what is in the steam table is finished. Critical violations: Food employee rinsed dispensing utensil in the handwashing sink, and there is a chunk of ice in the basin. Noncritical violations: Sliding glass window is open.

Ice cream scoop is stored in a container of unheated water between use. June 22 -- E San Restaurant, W. Huntsville Ave. West Ave. Thompson St. Thomas Episcopal Church, S. June 23 -- Dell's Dog, E. Sharon St. Taco Loco, S. School Ave. Sunset Ave. Henri De Tonti Blvd.

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Pleasant St. Prairie St. Washington County restaurant inspections by Kathy Lauver July 5, at a. Applebee's W. Gabriela's E. Main St. Noncritical violations: Prep table refrigerator lacks refrigerator thermometer. Marketplace Grill S. June 22 Acambaro Mexican Restaurant N. College Ave. Gary Hampton Park Concession N. Salem Road, Fayetteville Critical violations: Raw bratwurst stored over ready-to-eat pork. Graduate Hotel 70 N. East Ave. La Nueva Luna W. Wedington Drive, Fayetteville Critical violations: A box of raw bacon stored on a shelf above ready-to-eat food.

Noncritical violations: No consumer advisory on the menu. Seal on the walk-in cooler is loose. Mojito's Mexican Grill E. Joyce Blvd. Stone Mill Bread and Flour Co.

Sexy women Springdale

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