Should have kissed her

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Andrew Cuomo grabbed her face and kissed her cheek at her home during a visit to inspect local flood damage, becoming the latest woman to accuse the embattled governor of inappropriate behavior. Sherry Vill made the allegations during a Zoom news conference with attorney Gloria Allred, describing a spring visit to her Rochester-area home after flooding near Lake Ontario.

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Vill, who is about 5 feet 1. A series of women, some who worked for Cuomo, have accused him of using his position of authority to sexually harass them with unwanted touching including hugs or kisses, inappropriate remarks about their sexual lives and physical appearance and comments they interpreted as gauging their interest in sexual relations.

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One, who has yet to speak publicly, reportedly said the governor groped her at the Executive Mansion last summer. The governor has said his tendency to hug and kiss people as a greeting stems from his Italian-American heritage.

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I never felt as uncomfortable as I did the day Gov. Cuomo came to my home. The Democratic governor has brushed off widespread calls for his reation and asked that people wait for the of an investigation overseen by state Attorney General Letitia James.

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Cuomo is also facing criticism for withholding the of COVID deaths among nursing home residents for months, and federal prosecutors are scrutinizing how his administration handled that data. The state Assembly is conducting a separate investigation into whether there are grounds to impeach the governor. The governor also sent a ed photo of himself with Vill in her home.

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I felt very uneasy about the call. I was the only one who received the call and the personal invite from the governor.

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Should have kissed her

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