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Overview Spa Fitness Centre. Overview Weddings Honeymoons Corporate Meetings. Home ». Your ticket includes a glass of wine and chocolate tastings. Bakers from all over the islands representing cafes, resorts and shops gather to display their unique savoury and sweet chocolate creations. There are pastries, squares, desserts, savoury items and beverages which compete to show the best use of chocolate. Event proceeds benefit the Salvation Army Turks and Caicos.

The evening also typically features door prizes and a silent auction. But this event is just the beginning of the celebrations for Valentine's Day in Turks and Caicos. Pampering, fine dining, beach walks and luxury suites all come together to spell romance on Grace Bay beach.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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This 25, square foot world of serenity offers sumptuous spa treatments to enjoy Valentine's Day in Turks and Caicos. The Couples Massage is a perfect way to experience a personal and shared experience at the same time. A session will relax your muscles and calm body and mind. Worries disappear; affection and intimacy are enhanced. When the session is over, you can both enjoy the benefits of the steam and sauna room.

Our Couples Soujourn is the perfect way to spend to relax and renew together! View this post on Instagram When the sun kisses the sea! Colourful coral and a variety Soothing remedy massage provo interesting fish will greet you as you paddle through this amazing underwater world. A refreshing swim is the ideal way to spend some time together. Hobie Cat sailboats, kayaks, and snorkeling equipment are all complimentary so you can enjoy all that the Grace Bay area has to offer you.

Stroll hand in hand along Grace Bay Beach. Relax in a sun pod or cozy up into the lovely soft terry cloth of a lounger. Enjoy the half-moon shaped hot tub island — slide in and let the stress melt away. How about a nearby excursion like an afternoon dive trip or a catamaran cruise?

The excellent concierge staff can help you organize all the details. View this post on Instagram Sunday vibes. The light of beach tiki torches, a personal butler, a customized menu and a creative chef team in the kitchen come together to serve up an evening of magic moments.

View this post on Instagram Wine and dine with us!

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Mark this special occasion with superb seafood from the Caribbean-fusion menu and raise your glass to your loved one. And sweeten off the evening with Valrhona Chocolate, a decadent combination of warm chocolate lava cake, tropical fruit salsa, coconut shortbread, and vanilla bean gelato. Valentine's Day in Turks and Caicos is more than delicious chocolates. It is a table for two under the moonlight, award winning cuisine, a relaxing couples massage, bare feet in the powdery sand, gazing over Grace Bay beach from the infinity pool, and snuggling in exquisite hand-tufted bedding.

Calling Soothing remedy massage provo lovers. The Spa at The Palms. Turks and Caicos Restaurants. Turks and Caicos Spa Resort: The Palms on Grace Bay Relaxing and unwinding from the stresses of life and restoring body, mind and soul; time at a luxury Turks and Caicos spa resort is time well spent.

The Spa Resort: So Much More than Just a Spa As well as offering a full menu of spa treatments and services, a spa resort provides a diversity of recreational activities, dining choices, and other amenities to help guests truly rest and revitalize. A Turks and Caicos Spa Resort Experience Not only does the Spa at The Palms offer you 25, square feet of serenity and sumptuous surroundings, but it also features a dizzying diversity of spa treatments to enjoy.

Turks and Caicos Spa Resort Brochure Echoing its African name which means "protected enclosure", the Zareeba is relaxing, meditative and restorative. This 90 minute spa experience begins with a phenomenal foot treatment, followed by a relaxing herbal steam cleansing, cool down time and finally a one hour Palms Healing Touch Massage with local Organic Coconut Oil. Check out the Spa Menu to select a treatment. A Serene Infinity Pool An absolutely wonderful aquatic experience means more than just a swim in a pool. At The Palms Turks and Caicos, your spa experience continues to the pool.

Boasting a delightfully sculpted de, the infinity pool serpentines around lovely wooden decks featuring palm trees, sun pods with ature umbrellas and comfortable sun lounger beds. Enjoy outstanding poolside service where friendly attendants provide chilled towels and fresh fruit kebabs each afternoon. Paradise found at The Palms! Located on one of the world's most renowned beaches, The Palms lets you take care of your health with Soothing remedy massage provo fully equipped fitness center, yoga classes, an infinity pool, and complimentary non-motorized water sports.

There are numerous options for physical activity. Go for an invigorating stroll along the soft sands of the beach, paddle along the Caicos waters in a kayak, or snorkel through the spectacular underwater marine world. Restorative Nutrition A restorative Turks and Caicos spa resort vacation includes good nutrition that supports and enhances the immune system and nourishes the body. Key to nutrition is good protein to provide minerals, iron and B vitamins to nourish the body and aid in recovery from exercise.

Seafood choices ensure good protein and a healthy intake of Omega fats. Need some more convincing? Here are some great reasons to put your health first: healthyforgood. A popular way to de-stress, Qigong is a practice that fuses body movements with mindful meditation, and it can greatly improve blood flow and enhance energy. Fit and fun under the sun! We love having you here! Meditation is beneficial and can be done a of ways: cself and be mindful of your breathing; fix your gaze on something; focus on moving your hands slowly; opt for dance movement.

Participate in one of the many yoga sessions at The Palms fitness studio. Or, find a quiet place near the reflecting pools where can gather your thoughts and relax your body in a beautiful tranquil setting. Are there Benefits of Meditating?

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You Bet! A luxury Turks and Caicos spa resort like The Palms offers a superlative setting that invites you to truly relax with amenities to lift your spirits and restore health. Relaxing and unwinding from the stresses of life and restoring body, mind and soul; time at a luxury Turks and Caicos spa resort is time well spent. After a long, cold winter it's a relief to spend time outdoors and soak up the sun. However, before you head to Grace Bay -- or wherever your favorite beach may be -- remember to take care of your skin!

Here are a few beauty tips more making sure you preserve and protect your skin while enjoying some fun in the sun. Wrinkles and the loss of skin elasticity may seem an inevitable part of aging, but both conditions can be accelerated by exposure to the sun. The dermis the outer layer of your skin contains proteins called collagen and elastins, both of which are essential for keeping your skin firm. Exposure to sunlight speeds the decomposition of these proteins Soothing remedy massage provo time. As collagen and elastins are gradually destroyed, eventually you'll get wrinkles. Luckily there are things you can do to protect your skin while enjoying basking in the sun: 1.

Use Sunscreen If you're spending the day on the beach, apply an effective sunscreen. Be sure to put on your sunscreen around 20 minutes before you head out into the sun. Wear Sunglasses Sunglasses are typically considered to be fashion accessories, but when it comes to sun care a good pair of sunglasses will help reduce glare and, most importantly, cut down on UV rays. Choose sunglasses that maximize coverage over your eyes. Wear a Hat, Too Choose a wide-brim hat that looks chic while giving your face and neck excellent protection from those rays.

If you are out and about, and fairly active, a fitted cap with a bill may be just the solution. Avoid the Sun at Midday The strong sunlight that occurs at at midday between 10am and 3pm can be particularly harmful to your skin. Take this time to relax indoors, or take an afternoon nap. If you want to stay on the beach, consider retiring to a beach tent, and stay out of the sun.

Reapply Sunscreen After Swimming Make sure you take time to reapply sunscreen after swimming or working out. Sweat and sea water will wash your sunscreen away leaving you vulnerable to the sun, so it pays to be diligent about reapplying sunscreen several times during the day.

Wash Off Sunscreen at the End of the Day After your day in the sun, take the time to wash off your sunscreen and follow up with a hydrating moisturizer to your skin. Water plays a surprisingly important role in maintaining the health of your skin. So, for immediate relief, drink plenty of cooling water. Other helpful remedies like aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil or compresses of cold milk, cucumber, or brewed mint tea can bring very effective relief from a burn.

Spa Services at The Palms Turks and Caicos An important part of relaxation is the opportunity to completely rest, calm your mind and enhance your overall health. A spa visit can help repair your skin and keep you feeling -- and looking -- health and young. If you're staying at our resort on Grace Bay beach, the therapists at The Spa at The Palms will help you feel completely renewed by the time you leave. To select one of The Palms Turks and Caicos spa services or to make a group booking, please telephone It's summer, and many of us are heading to the beach.

This means it's time to Soothing remedy massage provo. And for many of us, the thought of uncovering ourselves at the beach makes us want to get in shape! It's also never too late to start getting active. In fact, there are some good workouts you can do right on the beach in front of The Palms Resort. Here are some tips, plus a short introduction to our gym. All you need is an exercise mat, some sunscreen. Wet sand is firmer and provides a more stable base of support. Exercise on level sand. Running and jumping on a slope puts you in an awkward position that could cause injury.

Beach Exercises 1. Spiderman Crawl Soothing remedy massage provo at one end in plank position and lower your body toward the sand. Simultaneously reach forward and laterally with your left hand as you draw your right knee toward your right hand. Keep your hips low and your abdominals braced.

Push-up Shoulder-ups Begin in an upright plank, with your hands wider than shoulder-width distance apart. Lower into a push-up and return to plank position. Lower the crown of your head toward the sand, all while keeping your legs and torso ridged. Push back up through your shoulders until your arms are almost completely straight. Ice Skaters Begin with your knees bent and your torso upright. With your right foot, take the first step at a degree angle forward; try not to let the back leg touch the sand.

Keep weight in the hip, position the knee behind the toe and push off onto your other foot at a degree angle. The right arm will do the same with the left leg as the weight shifts off the right hip. Cross-under Planks Begin in an upright plank position with your hands under your shoulders, your legs straight and your core braced. Frog Jumps Begin in a low-squat position.

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Draw both arms backward and explode forward by swinging your arms and jumping forward. Land softly to catch your balance and repeat. Bicycle Crunch Balance just above your tailbone and flex your torso, knees and arms into degree angles. Straighten your right leg while reaching your right arm forward to mimic a running gait. Try to complete 30 reps! Crab Walk Begin seated facing the starting point. Keep both knees bent and place your hands on the sand under your shoulders.

Lift your hips off the ground as high as possible. Take small, quick steps to avoid injury to your wrists. Sun Care Working out on the beach can leave you sandy, sweaty and, quite possibly, with a sunburn. But we have just the treatment for you. The Spa at The Palms Turks and Caicos's Sun Rejuvenation Wrap is aimed at healing sun-exposed skin and helps to restore moisture and balance to the skin's layers.

Soothing remedy massage provo

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