Tamaskan breeders association

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Tamaskans are a rare breed especially with only a few registered breeders in the United States of America. The cost of importing a puppy is even more costly due to shipping prices. In either event, purchasing a Tamaskan is quite a financial commitment.

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Therefore, before you put a buy a Tamaskan puppy, please make sure you are working with a reputable registered breeder. Beware of backyard breeders. When formally asked to "cease and desist" selling these puppies as supposedly registered Tamaskans, the Tamaskan Club of America TCA was told that they would set up his own registry.

The Tamaskan Club of America is a bona fide international organization and the only organization that recognizes purebred American Tamaskans based on their pedigree and DNA testing. The Tamaskan Club of America also maintains breeding records on litters produced, tracks breed history and Tamaskan breeders association a health database to track the health and development of the breed.

Please visit the website www. To further add to the deception, they attempted to copy our domain name and are using www. An official dog registry is more than just a place to advertise puppies that are for sale. In order for a puppy to be legitimately classified as "championship quality", Tamaskan breeders association must be evaluated and judged by outside experts to determine that it conforms to the breed standard.

Therefore, showing a dog to Championship is not possible. While Club recognition is a goal of the TCA, at this point the breed is too young and the of American Tamaskans in the United States is too small. We have asked for this backyard breeder to stop these deliberately deceptive advertising practices and have encouraged them to simply advertise his puppies with honesty and integrity. In response, they have opted to "create" their own breed, which they are calling the "Tamaskan Dog".

This is particularly sad, especially for people interested in a purebred American Tamaskan, as these Tamaskan Dogs are simply Tamaskan x Utonagan mixes; don't get deceived! They provide no explanation, nor do they document, how their breeding practices have contributed to the new breed or why a new breed was supposedly developed. They are simply using the Tamaskan name to confuse the public in order to sell mix breed dogs as a rare purebred.

This is very sad. We wish that they would stop. To assist your search for a registered purebred American Tamaskan puppy, we offer the information below. Please do not hesitate to contact the Tamaskan Club of America at www. How to Find a Purebred Registered American Tamaskan Please ask your breeder the following before you enter into any contract with a breeder to purchase a Tamaskan:.

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Purebred registered Tamaskan puppies are only available through breeders who are registered through the Tamaskan Club of America TCA www. The TCA is the governing and authenticating body for the American Tamaskan, maintaining a database of all purebred American Tamaskans worldwide. Registered breeders are bound by a strict Code of Ethics relative to ownership, breeding and placement of puppies. Purebred registered American Tamaskans are not available from hobby breeders, wholesale dealers, retailers, or pet stores. A registered American Tamaskan will never be offered in a raffle, auction, or as a prize.

This Elizabeth City breeder falls into this category; dead "give-away".

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A copy of the TCA membership card should be provided upon request. ALL American Tamaskans are now DNA profiled to help protect the breed against fraudulent breeders, please do not purchase a puppy from parents that have not been Tamaskan breeders association profiled and have a certificate stating their breed and parentage.

Please Note: If you are not buying a American Tamaskan from the one of the Registered Breeders then there is no way to ensure that you are getting an authentic American Tamaskan. Don't be fooled by other breeders claiming to have authentic American Tamaskans. Buying an authentic American Tamaskan gives you the assurance that all of ethical breeding practices are strictly adhered to. How to find an Authentic Tamaskan?

Finding a Purebred Tamaskan? How to Find a Purebred Registered American Tamaskan Please ask your breeder the following before you enter into any contract with a breeder to purchase a Tamaskan: Are you a registered American Tamaskan Breeder? Copy Link: Buyer Beware. Our Adult Tamaskans. Tamaskan Registry. Buy Now. We believe that this not-for-profit, educational use on the Web constitutes a fair use of the copyrighted material as provided for in section of the US Copyright Law.

If you wish to use this copyrighted material for purposes of your own that go beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

Tamaskan breeders association

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