Truecafe internet cafe software

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It can work with both desktop computers as well as with mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets or smartphones and even game consoles. The main application window is intuitive and provides easy control over various tasks, from setting up the rates, creating user groups or handling the sales. The program includes support for billing wireless browsing with the possibility to customize the and info s. Communication with any terminal can be achieved through built-in tools that permit sending and receiving text messages.

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These allow remote management of the computers by turning them off automatically after entering into idle mode as well as powering them up again when needed. Moreover, all the terminals can receive the power down command from the console with a single mouse click. Logs and reports are also on the list of features.

Accessing the business data can be done from any Internet-connected device. Keep in mind that this task may require specific software that may not be installed on the computer.

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The setup wizard helps install and configure it properly. On the other hand, it may lack of the security features such as business would require.

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Manage your Internet cafe stations and Internet consumption more efficiently using this simple and straightforward software solution. TrueCafe was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu. New in TrueCafe 6. Advertisement on client desktop unlocked. Dynamic unlocking code.

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Unlocking code access option. Read the full changelog. Load comments. TrueCafe 7.

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Truecafe internet cafe software

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