Watching my wife swinging

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Forgot your password? We have another question. The friends that we have in the lifestyle talk all the time about how much they enjoy seeing their partners being turned on by another person. The males especially say they get really turned on watching their wives with another guy. My husband says that he doesn't think that will be true for him. Not that he Watching my wife swinging be jealous--at least not the way we understand jealousy which we suspect usually includes a tinge of insecurity. Just that he feels it might not be comfortable for him to see.

He says that there are some things that are okay with him, but he's not quite sure what his outer boundaries will be yet. That's a major reason we've decided to take this really slow, so that we can keep checking in and making sure he and I are okay with each new step. In other words, do most men that get into the lifestyle do so already having fantasies about their wives being with someone else? Or do they get into it for other reasons and find being turned on by watching their spouse with someone else is a pleasant surprise? Or, do some of you never quite get over it and always feel a little uncomfortable?

I really like to hear about the event from my wife afterwards, and I love seeing the happy look on her face, the glint in her eyes as she recounts it. This is all afterwards though, and my wife has a very similar feeling about me. During a 2v2 swap though, it doesn't hold my attention.

Im more focused on my partner at the time, and the sounds my wife is making are nice, but can also be a distraction too if they arent sounding as nice as what Im hearing from my partner for example. All of this is partially why we are fine with separate rooms or singles play.

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We really enjoy hearing about what happened, but we dont have as much desire in watching it as it happens. People vary wildly in what they are comfortable with and what they are not. It is really difficult to generalize. Fantasy and reality can often be completely different. I had thought about it rationally and logically but knew that emotions don't always follow suit. For me, the fantasy of seeing with my wife with someone else was a turn on.

But I had enough good sense to know that what was a turn on in fantasy might well be a kick in the gut in reality. I expected that when fantasy became reality, I was going to be turned on by seeing her with someone else. But I was fully prepared to find out I was completely wrong and that it might bother me. Those thoughts stayed with me all the way to the point I actually saw her with someone else. Fortunately, I was right and was just as turned on in reality as I was in my fantasies, but your mileage may vary.

My wife didn't think she would be turned on by seeing me with someone else. Turns out she was wrong, and it does turn her on. Some couples prefer Watching my wife swinging play separate room because, while they can deal with the knowledge of their partner having sex with others, they are not ok SEEING it, or at least think they wouldn't be.

In your case I would just escalate things slowly. See how he feels seeing you kiss someone first, then gradually escalator the encounter until he knows were his comfort level is. Also, hope for the best, expect the worst. In other words, hope that it is a complete turn on for him, but expect that it will be more than he can handle.

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Then plan accordingly. Talk about what to do and how to proceed if it turns out that he cannot stand seeing you with someone else. You both need to understand that you are doing this together, so if it turns out that one of you thinks you have made a complete mistake that you share that burden rather than placing the blame on one of you.

If you share the responsibility then it is much more difficult to place blame if it turns out badly. When we first got into swinging I had no idea what I would think the first time I saw my wife kissing another man or engaging in some type of sexual activity. Right up until it actually happened I was just never totally sure how I would take it. In my head I thought it would be fun, but I also thought I might get jealous. I had a bit of a pang of jealousy at first, but that passed as soon as I started getting attention Watching my wife swinging his very attractive wife.

We agree with the others who have shared their experiences. Everyone gets a different kick out of different things. Personally, our female half plays more at parties than our male half does. At first, the jealousy emotions were present. But as we gained experience playing with others AND saw how our own personal set of rules were never violated, then we got to enjoy watching each other with different people. I won't call them "lovers", just partners for sex. I for one enjoy seeing my wife getting fucked doggy style.

Thats her favorite position but now she wont do it unless she can another woman using a strap-on on me. I tell her I would be game because I dont think there are many women willing to do something like that. I want very much to see her with a very hung man. Our very first time was with a couple we'd known a while. And, if was obvious that my wife and the husband of this couple were hot for each other. So, when the couple seduced us into swinging it came as no surpise to me and I knew my wife was going to enjoy it.

After that first time I think that my enjoyment of seeing my wife with the other husband was mostly the knowlege that I would be allowed to enjoy the other wife. I always waited until my wife made that first move. Like most, I assume, I wondered what it would be like to see my Mrs. Also, like most, I found it a turn on the first couple of times. When I discovered that watching her or participating in MFM's with her were the limit of participation I would have in the LS, the excitement quickly turned to boredom.

Hope your situation works out better than mine did. From a female perspective, I have to admit that when I saw Bob orally pleasuring another women for the first time and viewing her positive response to him; I had a tinge of jealousy as that act I Watching my wife swinging felt was so personal and such an enjoyment and pleasurable for me. I sorta thought, naievely I was the only one he pleasured that way, and boy was I wrong.

At the same time, it felt wonderful to me when I had intercourse the first time as Bob watched and Ken was totally into me. He is a Firemen and he was so aggressive; the sex was hard and rough and he said all the right things to me; ie, how good I tasted, I good I felt, what good oral I gave. Bob walked away and went to the spa with a group of other people. Ken and I layed on the bed and embraced each other and talked, and fondled and kissed for what Bob felt, I later found out, was longer than he was comfortable with. He was also not happy that I had allowed Ken to have unprotected sex with me and exchange fluids.

Fortunately we were able to talk about it. He wasn't jealous and was happy for me, except for the unprotected sex, I realized it was very stupid on my part, especially since I was off birth control due to health issues. I had a couple of very stressful weeks after that and swore to Bob never again without protection. I shouldn't have generalized with my question. I know there is no one way that "most" people feel. It just seemed that the people we know all talk about having had fantasies of their wife with someone else, before ever swinging for the first time, and since this isn't true for him It's helpful to read that others have had some of the same concerns.

The "wife with another guy" fantasy drives a lot of the men here and you will find thre about it but truthfully you never know how you'll feel until you witness something. For me watching my wife with another guy is the hottest porn show you can Watching my wife swinging. I love watching and helping. But one day my wife mentioned nuzzling her fav partner along his chin and I just about went ballistic. Somehow that was mine! I had to really stop and think about that one to reign in the feelings. But who would have ever guessed such an innocent act would generate such strong feelings.

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I noticed on another thread you are planning on starting with soft swap and I think that's wise until you find your limits. It just never goes the way you think it will. This was the biggest question I had before I jumped into this with my wife. I wouldn't say that it turns me on The Mrs. Haven't had our first experience yet. We feel that it is an extreme turn for either of us to be with another. No problems at all. I am perfectly fine with her being with another man.

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Especially if he pushes all of her buttons the right way. She wants the same for me. For us it is a win win situation! Something I would mention is that the single biggest surprise in our initial encounters was that I wasn't as aware of the noises that my wife makes during sex until I watched her have sex with another. I had become so accustomed to them. My senses sharpened quite a bit that night That was not planned for and it was a big distraction the first time we played and it ended where I couldn't quite overcome it despite the fact that I absolutely enjoyed it If he feels that he won't get turned on then I would plan for the contingency that he won't and that it could even present a problem during play.

Just food for thought. I lied We just had our first full swap experience, and it really turned me on watching her ride him. It still doesn't do much for me to watch her give oral to a man, though. We have no trouble watching each other enjoy another persons attentions, that is due in part to our view that if we truly love each other how could we deny our partner the ultimate in pleasure! We both also find it arousing to be able to Watching my wife swinging the response of each other in that scenario

Watching my wife swinging

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