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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Note from Slickman: I get so many requests for stories about hesitant wives but when it comes to swinging even the men are hesitant.

Men think about it but when it becomes real are they really willing to let another man go at their wives? This is a story about two couples who have decided against a full swap but maybe they would like some messing around. I hope you enjoy it All rights reserved. Sometimes it means being able to touch and physically interact with others but with no penetration. It may or may not involve oral sex with others. People should be very specific about their boundaries and communicate it with potential contacts as well as agree as a couple what they are comfortable with each other doing.

Sometimes it helps overcome the insecurity of jealousy in couples. As in all swinging situations, you choose your own boundaries to suit you, and it's best to be as open about them as possible to ensure things don't go further than you feel comfortable with. John read the definition four times before he threw down the small city weekly newspaper he had found in his office.

Having lunch at the river docks Wife soft swing always been a favorite of his. As soon as John returned to the office he headed for Blake Randolph's office. Blake and his wife Julie have been friends with John and Susan for over 7 years and have joked about swapping spouses. But the women have quickly stopped the notion in its tracks. Blake thought about Susan's nice round tits and ass. He had wanted to get to them for years. Julie had just finished her food shopping and had stopped by Susan's house to drop off some ice cream her best friend wanted.

The past few years had brought them even closer together. So close that they didn't have many secrets. After Susan let her in and took the ice cream to the kitchen Julie saw a daytime soap on the TV. A man and Wife soft swing were kissing in a dark hallway. Julie sat on the arm of one of the large soft chairs. I mean us too," Julie said as she watched the two obviously tongue kissing. Julie had just turned off the TV and was heading for the kitchen when she heard the garage door open. A few minutes Blake came into the kitchen with a dozen roses. Julie took the flowers and kissed his cheek.

I mean hours of foreplay. Julie slide closer to him and saw his crotch was showing some life. I'm not sure," he lied. It seemed as if she might even be considering it. He noticed that her nipples were now poking up through her bra and shirt. The thought of just messing around some was turning her on. I'm not saying yes," she said feeling her heart now racing. It was the next morning around AM when Julie knocked on Susan's kitchen door. She was still in her bathrobe after lying in bed thinking about kissing and touching Blake.

I think we need to go slow and do this in stages in case we get into it and decide it's not for us. I haven't been this excited for a long time. The men came home early from work since they couldn't focus on anything else anyway. After quick showers the four of them found themselves sitting around the dining room table. They had eaten together many times but never with the excitement that was flowing at that moment. He had not stopped staring at Susan's tits since Wife soft swing walked into the house. He could tell she was wearing a bra under the white tee shirt but knew it was very thin.

His eyes had been on Julie's nice cute little butt in the tight jeans. As Blake stood up across from her she could see the obvious shape of his bulge in his slacks. He looked to be about the same size as John. They heard the footsteps of the women and turned to see them smiling as they walked into the room.

If you go faster than we want then we quit. John watched as Julie moved to the overhead light switch and turned it off.

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Only the dim light from the hallway lit up the room. He glanced over at his wife and saw her turn her head to Blake. A shot of jealously flashed through his mind when their lips came together and Blake used his hand to pull her body into his.

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The jealousy quickly went away when Julie sat next to him and leaned her soft lips to his. Blake felt Susan's soft breast press into his arm when her body turned into his. Her eyes closed when their lips touched and when his hand pulled her even closer. Both were hesitant about using their tongues until he gently licked outward. Her damp tip met his and rubbed together until her lips open and his tongue dashed inside. Julie felt John's tongue quickly dash outward as it tried to push into her tightly closed lips. It was too fast and with too much force and she wanted to set the pace so she jerked her head back and looked at him.

John took a deep breath and relaxed. When her lips returned he softly pressed into them and took tiny bites of her lower lips. He heard her soft moan and realized she was as turned on as he was. He waited for her tongue to make the first move and after a minute of rubbing and nibbling it appeared. The sounds of the Yankee game filled the room but the moans were getting louder and louder. They had been frenching for almost ten minutes when Susan pushed back. I think I need a break. As Julie washed her face with cold water Susan used the toilet.

Susan glanced over at Julie. Both knew the men wanted to press their bodies together. Susan moved up and waited until Blake made room for her. She pushed down her tee shirt and dropped next to him. After his hand moved around her waist her hand curled around his muscular shoulder. This time when their lips met so did their whole bodies. Susan's eyes closed and then opened when she felt his hard-on against her upper stomach.

John had learned to go slow with Julie and to let her set Wife soft swing pace. It was she who pulled his body into hers and it was her tongue that invaded his mouth first. More importantly it was her thigh that pressed into his rigid manhood. Blake could feel Susan's hard nipples now pressing into his chest. They frenched and rubbed their bodies together for five minutes before his lips moved away from her mouth and traveled to her earlobe. Sucking and kissing her ears had always been a turn-on for her.

She then opened her thighs and let his thigh press into her wanton sex. Her tongue was deep into his throat while both of his hands were on her lower back pressing it downward. How long they stayed kissing and rubbing was lost to them. Time didn't matter now as their bodies raced for satisfaction. None of them were concentrating on their lips anymore because it was the lower bodies rubbing that were bringing them all off. Julie felt John's fingers cross over the waistband of her jeans and knew she should stop him but she wanted him to touch her ass and to pull her body down into his bulge.

John almost climaxed then and there when his fingers curled around and squeezed her wonderful buttocks. He could feel the outline of her thong under them and wondered how they would look naked. As he explored over and then downward his mouth again sought hers.

Blake heard his wife whispering and peeked over as John's fingers grabbed her butt. She was almost ready to cum. But she felt it. She did but the jeans were too tight. She heard his disappointment and giggled before reaching between them and releasing the snap in front.

Suddenly the restriction gave away and his fingers moved down over her silky bikini panties and down over her hot cheeks. Now nothing was going to stop them. Julie lay alone while John cleaned up in the bathroom. She watched her husband and best friend continued to kiss and to rub each other's backs. Her climax had been the best one that she could remember so nothing that they were doing bothered her.

About ten minutes later John returned and moved down next to her. They kissed and hugged for about twenty minutes more before Susan secretly snapped her Wife soft swing, got up and went into the kitchen. Suddenly things had changed between the four of them. Lines of privacy had been crossed and when they looked at each other they felt a deep desire instead of a warm friendship. Just talking about Wife soft swing everyday things was awkward, so much that very little was said that night while having their normal end of the night coffee and cake.

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It was at the front door as Julie and Blake were leaving when things got uneasy. Normally they just gave each other a light hung and kiss on the cheek. They knew that would not be enough now. The four rearranged their bodies until Blake was with Susan and John with Julie.

This time their hug was tight and their kiss was with an open mouth. They didn't care that their spouses were frenching next to them. Hands again roamed up and down their backs and even down upon their butts. It was ten minutes later when Blake broke it up. As soon as they were out John almost ripped off Susan's shirt and bra.

As they stood in the hallway he pushed down her jeans and panties and quickly undressed himself. They closed their eyes and imagined it was Julie and Blake they were fucking.

Wife soft swing

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