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Back to WomenWatch national action plans. To the Top of the. It has being made available in electronic format from the form received. Eliminating Violence. Accomplishments of The Sultanate Introduction Priorities of The National Plan for Action for The Advancement of Women Women's development is a part of a larger plan and process and cannot be separated, by devising special programs and plans, from the general development of the whole society, since real development requires the optimal use of the available human resources of which women represent 50 percent.

The economic and social changes which took place in the Sultanate of Oman during the past years had a great impact on the achievements of the Omani woman and the rights she gained under the policies of this enlightened era of progress. By any measure, the Sultanate of Oman was Woman of oman still is a pioneer in the area of improving the well-being of its women and children. It is now facing new health challenges which can be overcome by continuous government efforts and the full participation of the private sector and the local community.

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Attention to women's affairs has doubled at the government and private sector levels, through fostering women's role and providing the appropriate opportunity for their participation in various fields. Therefore, the Omani woman has become the center of ificant attention which has provided her with the resources for Woman of oman in all areas.

Women have responded to such attention by contributing to the comprehensive development of the Sultanate, and by affirming their responsibility, side by side with men, in the various activities. Key Issues of The Arab Plan for The Advancement of Women: The Arab plan was deed to be Woman of oman harmony with the t Arab development process, detailed in its economic, social, cultural and educational covenants, to ensure the optimal use of human resources and to achieve the kind of development that satisfies the fundamental needs of men and women in Arab society.

Priorities of The National Plan: In defining the priorities of the national plan, the focus was on its responsiveness to the challenges faced by women's programs, and on how to develop such programs in important areas. Forming a national committee for women's affairs to achieve the following tasks: Devising a general policy for women's development programs and plans; and studying the programs submitted to the committee to decide how to support them and maintain coordination. Coordinating government and non-government efforts to utilize the technical and human resources available in the various institutions.

Ensuring continuous interest in allowing women to participate in development activities at all levels. Creating a sense of interest and responsiveness to women's issues among officials who are responsible for the development process. Reviewing all laws and regulations related to women as follows: Defining the laws which relate to women's status.

Reviewing such laws and determining which need to be amended. Contacting the legislative and legal authorities. Making efforts to increase the percentage of female candidacies for the membership of the State Council; and at least ensuring a 30 percent representation of all women in the Sultanate.

Conducting a study on the status of the Omani woman, and taking steps toward deing the proper plans and programs to achieve the desired in terms of women's work and participation in the development of their society, and defining such participation in the government and private sectors.

Building a data and statistical base on women to create a reference base for planning and devising policies and programs. At The Regional and International Levels: - Calling upon the regional and international organizations to provide the necessary assistance to the national organizations and agencies concerned with women's affairs, and improving their efficiency to be able to help women in exercising their political rights and in participating in the decision-making process.

Conducting a study of the labor market to collect information about appropriate job and production opportunities and the areas in which family members welfare, especially women, can work. Performing a study to devise a system for the delivery of the social security pensions. Overcoming the spread of poverty among women by increasing their income, through assistance to carry out productive craft projects and develop income-generating businesses.

This is considered an Woman of oman means to help poor families in general and women in particular to earn a living, and to gradually limit the of families totally relying on social security. Raising the standard of living of poor families and women to enable them to attain their basic needs under the prevailing living conditions, while securing a social security umbrella and the continuation of assistance. Deing programs, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and other government entities and international organizations, to increase the income of women living in rural areas, through participation in plant and animal production and apiculture, to create additional resources for the family.

Allowing rural women to participate in activities pertaining to guidance, beginning with data collection and analysis to define programs to identify the actual needs of the rural communities and women. Establishing guidance programs to educate women about the problems of the local environment and the proper management of natural resources. Strengthening the woman's role as an agricultural producer and as beneficiary of policies and plans relating to this new role, through the establishment of a specialized mechanism Rural Women's Development Sections.

Reinforcing the agricultural development centers by hiring and training female agricultural engineers to execute programs related to rural women. Finding non-traditional solutions and job opportunities for limited-income women, by adding more training centers in the various regions of the Sultanate and deing a training project for girls on sewing and embroidery to provide a source of income for productive families, satisfy the market need for this occupation and control dependency on imported employment.

Urging non-government and government organizations to finance productive projects and provide job opportunities. At the Regional and International Levels: - Calling upon the various Arab funds to incorporate programs and projects to combat poverty among women and support projects for women and productive families to promote their independence. Expanding and diversifying intermediate education institutes, after high school, to provide graduates of both sexes with the kind of expertise needed to meet the national demand for manpower.

Expanding literacy programs to cover all regions in the Sultanate, and providing continuing education for graduates of literacy classes. Expanding university graduate studies, according to the needs of the labor market. Ensuring The Arab Woman's Equal Access to Health Services Health policies and plans will be formulated in view of statistics and data about women's health status. Practical Measures and Directions: 1. Increasing the percentage of health-conscious people who follow the proper health practices, by encouraging the efforts of the groups supporting the "Child-Friendly Hospital Program" and of any other health programs.

Planning a national program to fight cancer at an early stage, including psychological care for cancer patients and early detection, through family education and awareness programs. Executing the "Healthy State" project which aims to provide its citizens with the proper environment such as potable water, sanitation and basic health care, through the National Committee in which the Ministry of Health and other pertinent government and private entities are represented, and in cooperation with the World Health Organization.

Developing and continuing Woman of oman National Program for Health Education by taking the following measures: The inclusion of Health education programs in the school health care system. Disseminating a health manual entitled "Facts of Life" through lectures and competitions, involving general health concepts, among secondary school students. Continuing the implementation of the "Information Plan," by devising public health, nutrition and sanitation awareness programs, providing information needed to boost health and prevention awareness, and incorporating public health programs in the school curricula.

At The Regional and International Level s: - Supporting official national efforts deed to improve women's and children's health care conditions, and providing financial assistance to plan and carry out the United Nations-supported programs on reproduction and prevention, which are executed by governments. Such programs should include women's rehabilitation and training. Conducting a survey of labor market needs to identify the opportunities available for women in economic activities, and utilizing available studies in directing women to these opportunities.

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Building a statistical and data base on women to establish a reference for planning, policy de and program execution. Developing women's productive skills and achieving more progress in enabling women to participate in local development programs. Providing the necessary measures and services to enable women to seek work, and enabling them to carry out both their family and job responsibilities, by expanding day-care centers and kindergartens in the public and private sectors. Deing a special system by the Ministry of Agriculture, in cooperation with Oman's Bank for Agricultural Production Marketing, to provide additional facilities for women working in farming and ensure marketing of their products.

Seeking the contribution of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the international organizations, Oman's Bank for Agriculture and Fisheries, the General Authority for Agricultural Production Marketing, and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to devise a strategy to empower women living in rural areas and working in agricultural development projects, and to create opportunities for women workers to initiate trade activities in the farming sector. Educating women at all levels about the importance of their role. Continuing efforts to ensure equal Woman of oman between men and women to access educational and training facilities provided free by the government.

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Introducing regulations that facilitate women's access to rehabilitation and training programs, by overcoming all social barriers to such opportunities. Adopting a developed technical education and vocational training system capable of attracting more women to training and, consequently, to entering the labor market. Making efforts to distribute training opportunities managed or supervised by the Vocational Training Authority among all regions in the Sultanate so as to allow more chances for Omani girls to access training and rehabilitation services in the locations where they live.

Taking measures to create a training environment in harmony with all demographic, cultural and social factors, and expanding training programs that fit women's capabilities and needs.

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Making efforts to develop an integrated system of vocational guidance to help Omani girls to training programs, as a way of finding an appropriate employment opportunity and of climbing the vocational ladder. At The Regional and International Levels: - Providing support for studies to define the supply and demand for qualified manpower classified by sex, making the corresponding changes in educational disciplines in view of the rapid technological changes associated with the new work requirements; and organizing symposia, seminars and training programs to foster women's independence and exchange information about policies and programs for the elimination of all forms of discrimination in the workplace.

In this respect, the ILO and Governments urge that new statistical definitions and indicators be developed so that women's labor in Woman of oman and unpaid family work can be included to show the real economic value of women's contributions to increasing industrial, agricultural and food production. Allowing The Arab Woman to Participate in Natural Resources Management and Environmental Protection Practical Measures and Directions: - Emphasizing women's participation in environmental decision-making, devising policies and plans and issuing the appropriate laws to monitor and Woman of oman development activities which have a harmful effect on the environment.

Establishing a regional data bank, and defining the indicators of women's contribution to environmental management and the effect of environmental pollution on the health of women and their families. Supporting seminars, training programs and workshops on the role of women in preserving the environment and on the skills required to collect basic data on the relationship between the environment and women's health, and conducting studies about women's participation in defining natural resource development policies.

Rejecting nuclear and toxic waste dumping in Arab countries under the pretext of conducting environmental experiments. Financing and supporting programs to control industrial and environmental pollution. Contributing to efforts to prevent environmental pollution as well as wars and their environmental causes. Using the Media in An Effective Way to Change The Roles of Sexes in Society and Achieve Equality between Men and Women Practical Measures and Directions: - Devising a clear, unified strategy for the media, pertaining to women and their issues and role in the social, economic and political development process.

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At the Regional and International Levels: - Encouraging good production deed to promote a positive image of women and t Arab projects. To achieve integration and coordination between the government and non-government organizations with regard to services offered for women, a general framework was deed to form a national committee for women's affairs, define its goals and authority, and recommend its members.

Expanding the services of women's rehabilitation centers, which act as social institutions concerned with social, cultural and vocational rehabilitation of women under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, to train, educate and develop women's capabilities in the various fields. The of such centers increased by two during Woman of oman period to reach a total of ten.

Expanding the women's voluntary social work base quantitatively and geographically by adding three associations to bring the total to Completing the second phase of the Girl Training Project on sewing and embroidery for general high school graduates by opening 8 centers in 13 states during and admitting trainees to occupations responding to labor market demand, and providing support and adequate conditions for them to enter the labor market and replace imported manpower.

Allocating and approving the costs of the following studies: Developing income-producing sources for the welfare families. Surveying the labor market to identify appropriate job opportunities and production and areas members of welfare families, especially women, can be employed in. Deing a system for delivering social security pensions.

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