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Mega Millions. Fast Food. Summer vacation. What do all of those things have in common? They exist because of New Hampshire. Read on to find out why the country owes the Granite State a big thank-you for these items and 41 more did we mention Donald Trump? When the US economy first matured and started producing a middle class, it was centered in dirty, crowded cities. Citizens with expendable income soon took advantage of the new age of rapid transport such as the Concord Coach, made right here and discovered the simple joys of time spent at a grand hotel in the wilderness.

The Granite State had lots of wilderness and plenty of entrepreneurs eager to entertain the rich city folks. Artists captured our White Mountains, making them so famous that American tourism — as we know it today — took root right here. You do what any self-respecting metalhead would do: You throw the devil horns. Think about it. Thanks, Levi. Live Free or Die yada yada.

John Stark would most likely say about Woman want real sex Allenstown New Hampshire his famous reunion toast has become the catchphrase for anyone wanting to do dumb stuff. Anyway, it was great deeds, not grand words that Stark respected, and few have had more deeds to discuss — they could fill a book find one here: allthingsliberty. But liberty, not as a misty ideal but as a birthright to be claimed, demands action.

Maybe even rebellion and revolt. Or at least we hold the line on seatbelt and helmet laws. And thanks, Free State Project, for moving in to let us know that, as far as liberty lovers go, New Hampshire is still a hot ticket. Poet E. Newport is the home of a 19th-century cross between Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey.

She also wrote editorials promoting the idea of establishing Thanksgiving as a national holiday, which ultimately inspired President Abraham Lincoln to formally establish Thanksgiving Day in Just kidding, but the insane popularity of his books did launch the appeal of dark conspiracies out of the tin-hat basement-dweller range to serious intellectual circles.

The No. You can also credit Brown for prompting modern, secular America to look deeper into the fraught relationship between science and religion. No, not cars pinballing along frozen backro. The remarkably smooth black ice of the ponds alongside St. A Pennsylvania native, Baker blossomed at St. Following a sensational career at Princeton, Baker was a marquee amateur star playing in New York City. See our hockey story.

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The refurbished Nansen Ski Jump, first built instill stands in nearby Milan. Nearby North Conway, home to Mount Cranmore, became a mecca for ski instruction. Cranmore, in addition to giving the world the wacky Skimobile lift inalso introduced ski grooming equipment in Matt hit speeds estimated at 80 miles an hour, finishing a full minute faster than the second-place finisher, Olympian Dick Durrance.

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Speaking of races, the first modern downhill race in the United States was believed to have taken place on a Mount Moosilaukee carriage road in the mids, won by Charlie Proctor a member of the Olympic team. Augustus Saint-Gaudens moved to Cornish, New Hampshire, in and brought his artistic inspiration and sculptural skills along with him. Saint-Gaudens carefully created the facial features of each soldier to clearly distinguish them as individuals.

Great idea for fiction, but it was computer games that actually made the electronic environment into a playground for the mind. Computer games were invented right here by engineer Ralph Baer who, while working for Sanders Associates Inc. Should you want to thank them in person or at least one of themRichard is interred in the Mount Calvary Cemetery in Manchester, where his niche is marked with — what else? More than three centuries ago, New Hampshire set the national library trend. Established in Januaryour State Library is the first state library in the country.

Literary enthusiasts rested for a while about years or sobut then two things happened in relatively quick succession — first, the town of Dublin created the original free library. The Dublin Juvenile Library was supported by voluntary contributions, not membership fees. A decade later, inthe Peterborough Town Library was founded, becoming the first library in the US funded by public taxes. There is some dispute about the birthplace of the Republican Party, but there are a few facts everyone agrees on.

In other words, there was great incentive to create something new, and quickly. Pierce backed pro-slavery moves like the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Tuck was an abolitionist. Tuck began talking to prominent politicians in and around Exeter about founding a new party and, as the story goes, held a meeting in town with a dozen others at the Squamscott Hotel on October 12, Soon, Republican Party meetings were popping up all over the country and, in seven short years, the first Republican president, Abe Lincoln, was elected.

Alan Shepard may have had the Right Stuff, but to Granite Staters, he was just one of us — an everyman in space. This reputation was burnished in when he smuggled a golf club and ball along for his moon landing, and became the first and only, so far as we know person to drive a golf ball in what could be described as the largest sand trap ever played.

And today, anyone who wants to take a vicarious trip to outer space can visit the space museum of the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord or visit our Statehouse, where, along with bloody Civil War battle flags and portraits of our governors from centuries past, are some fragments Woman want real sex Allenstown New Hampshire moon rock brought back by Shepard.

Theoretical astrophysicist and writer Ethan Siegel calculated that a good drive could send a golf ball flying in the airless, reduced-gravity environment of the moon for 2. Or, more specifically, because of betting on a horse race. And it was a risk. Unlike the racetrack betting of today, the sweepstakes was a fairly simple two-step process: Selected ticketholders were matched with a horse and, if that horse won, they won. Clever or dubious, again depending on what side you were on — federal government or sweepstakes enthusiast loopholes were exploited, and plenty of tickets were sold to both Granite Staters and people from away, despite a few arrests by the FBI.

Check out this past feature for more of the story. Apparently, the early s was a time for earthlings to understand our place in the universe, and our off-planet instructors chose Lincoln and Exeter for their first two lessons. The rest of the country was mere fly-over territory for extraterrestrials until The inhabitants whisked Betty and Barney Hill aboard their spaceship to experiment on them, making the two locals the first alien abductees of modern times.

Their story set all the tropes for alien abductions going forward, in fiction and real life. And those beings from another world liked what they found in the Granite State so much that they returned on another September night four years later and only 13 miles from where the Hills lived in Portsmouth for an incident at Exeter that came to Woman want real sex Allenstown New Hampshire known as, well, the Incident at Exeter, when a cluster of red lights and a massive flying object scared teenagers and law enforcement alike before inspiring the annual Exeter UFO Festival. After those two incidents in the s, UFO s and visitation claims increased as aliens buzzed about the country to see if it had more of what New Hampshire had to offer.

These days, we have more UFO hotspots than WiFi hotspots in the country, and even the Department of Defense has come clean about the existence of UFOs, declassifying three Navy videos in that prove the skies are full of weird. He keeps his friends working and everyone who works with him loves the experience. Tyler even formally christened the bad-boy band by swiping a Nipmuc Regional High School T-shirt from a locker room to wear on stage for the show.

Thus was born a legend. This was the music of The Shaggs. It was, by loose definition, music. It had guitars, a drummer who seemed to be marching to her own beat, and a singer who touched on topics such as Halloween, parents and their pet cat named Foot Foot.

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It was not, in the traditional sense, good. And while The Shaggs were certainly not punk in the traditional sense, they represented that same independent DIY spirit. That film and book were largely the creation of local filmmakers George Butler and Charles Gaines. Nobody cares about monologue writers. No one. Which is surprising, since I just assumed he was running as a joke. Despite click-baity books by pundits pushing their own theories, the rumor persists Trump decided then and there he would Woman want real sex Allenstown New Hampshire for president in Well … I am the person who wrote that joke.

So, in the words of President John F. A couple days later, I was sitting in my office at Fallon when I received a surprising and somewhat urgent visit from Seth. Then one night, as my pregnant wife slept in the next room … Donald Trump won. Immediately, they started. Texts, s — each observing that I may have indeed ended civilization. One friend even nicknamed me. But given what we now know about this man … would it really surprise you? Believe me, I tried everything. Gotta stop Trump. Gotta get us all off the hook. And eventually, it quite literally broke my brain. So inI awakened each day — apart from my ex-wife — and stared directly into the apocalypse.

And when Joe Biden won … I cried. What if my joke still ends the world? But then, think of all the things from which I spared you! The Lakers will never pass the Celtics. Gyms have always been the sanctuary of lunks, but no one knew what to call them until Planet Fitness popularized the term. Hampton-based Planet Fitness pioneered the concept of the No Judgement Zone with bountiful banks of equipment, meaning you almost never have to wait in line for the one good elliptical machine.

Cosmetics industry pioneers Charles and Joseph Revson were born in Massachusetts but were raised in Manchester in the early s, where their father worked as a cigar roller at a local factory. The Revsons founded Revlon, now a multinational cosmetics company, using pigments instead of dyes in their makeup products — a unique manufacturing process at the time.

Six years after its founding, the company was worth multimillions. When scientist Michael Faraday invented the modern rubber balloon init was to further his experiments with noble gases at the Royal Institution in London. It was more than years before rubber researcher Neil Tillotson figured out how to make affordable latex balloons in different shapes.

Woman want real sex Allenstown New Hampshire

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