Zorba the buddha meaning

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in. He is Greek personification of the spirit of life.

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He indulges in sensual pleasures, he dances and plays the santuriand he does not hesitate in his exhilarated enjoyment of life. Zorba exemplifies the Dionysian passion for living as seen in his enthusiasm for women, wine,and hard work. Zorba is not the bookish, thinking t y pe. He embraces a more visceral way of being, he is a down-to-earth personality. He does not waste time conceptualizing the purpose of life and God. On the contrary, he would rather discover the meaning of life by just living it in full. On the other hand, when we think of Buddha we like to associate him with meditation, contemplation, awareness, and awakened somber personality.

Zorba the buddha espouses the spirited life with full awareness.

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Contrary to the traditional enlightenment where the enlightened person becomes enlightened at the cost of life, spirit, laughter and enjoyment. The enlightened becomes lifeless, zombie-like character who may be enlightened but lost all his Dionysian spirit and desire. I have read somewhere that.

It just means that in the spiritual quest if there are only prescribed rules and austerity but no room for fun then maybe it is not the right path to follow. Life is already full of misery, it is not wise to bring more misery just to become enlightened.

Especially in enlightenment when there is no goal, nothing to achieve, nowhere to go.

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And there is nothing you must do. There is really nothing you must have. And there is nothing you must know. There is really nothing you must become. However, it helps to understand that fire burns.

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Therefore, the point is to have the initial life force intact even after the enlightenment. Not denying it, but accepting what life has to offer with perfect awareness. Otherwise enlightenment becomes less meaningful, loses its purpose. In alchemy there is an analogy of a t bird, the top one wants to get liberated but the bottom one is static, heavy, desirous. Initially it may seem to be a hindrance for liberation. But without it life is not fulfilled. The hope is by just following the mind you are not actively participating in the process rather witness the process.

Thereby your awareness isolates yourself from the process.

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If you can watch something that means you are separate from it, it does not touch you. It is hard because science cannot measure consciousness as it is just a tool of consciousness. Osho was attacked by both materialists and spiritual practitioners. Materialists were complaining why he was talking about spiritual mumbo-jumbo when all those claims are just illusions and projections of weak human minds. On the other hand spiritualists were saying he was diluting, corrupting spiritual practices for the masses.

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People were really mad at him when he combined the idea of Buddha with profane Zorba. But, Osho was not stopped by either group. Osho tells us, to watch our mind, and after watching for a while we may find a space between the ocean of existence Zorba the buddha meaning our self. You will see that you are not your mind and ego. That is true liberation, liberation from the continuous chattering of mind, the monkey mind. But once you are liberated you should have those original desires, wishes, and ideas that you were trying to accomplish before enlightenment. That is where beauty lies, and life becomes full.

Osho asked us to become spiritually like Buddha but at the same time live intensely, enjoy, and be blissful along the way. Life is full of bliss, we need to remove the sheath to awaken the blissful nature of life. Finally, if nature does not want us to enjoy life, then why do we have endocannabinoid system in our body? Why does our body produce chemicals called anandamidethat produces anand sanskrit for joy, blissjoy, and bliss. So we just need to be mindful at what we are doing, enjoy and follow our bliss!

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Zorba the buddha meaning

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Zorba the Buddha: A Darshan Diary